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   Chapter 38 No.38

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Cam left the room quietly.

Interlude start

The figure watched the dead bird that the young prince held on the monitor, the creature now utterly still.

'Hm' he said, before lifting his cup of coffee to his lips and drinking, his attention now drifting to one of the other monitors, where something far more interesting was happening.

Interlude end

Cam buried the creature in the garden, fighting back tears.

I mustn't cry…I have to be strong…

On his way back to his room, Cam met the one person in the world he didn't want to run into.

It was Brioke, the right hand of the king.

He was tall and intimidating, staring silently down at him. Cam cowered under his gaze. He unconsciously took a step back, palms beginning to sweat and his breath in shallow rasps.

Brioke continued to stare.

'I want to see you in my office' Brioke spoke at last.

Cam shook his head wordlessly, backing himself against the wall.

'You don't have a choice' Brioke said. 'You have to come with me. Now.'

Cam froze. He couldn't move, even if he wanted to. His lower lip began to tremble, and tears came to his eyes.

'It's alright' Brioke spoke softly, reaching forward and caressing his cheek. 'Everything will be alright.'

He put his arm around Cam's shoulders, and walked with him.

Cam returned to his bedroom an hour or so later.

'What took you so long?' Luke asked him.

'I was….busy….'

'Busy doing what?' Luke asked.

'Do you want to leave the palace?'

'What?' Luke fumbled.

'I want to leave the palace' Cam said desperately. 'Just…at least once…please?'

There was something in his eyes that Luke could not read, but he seemed desperate, sincere.

'Alright' Luke said in a quiet voice. 'We'll go. But…what happened to the bird…?'

It was many weeks later, when Luke's leg had healed enough to no longer need a splint, that the twins left. Luke was still delicate on his leg, he needed to wear a bandage to give him support as his leg had weakened, and the muscles had deteriorated over the weeks. But he would grow strong again. That's what the healer told him anyway.

Using a conveniently placed tree and lots of rope, the boys managed to scale the wall that surrounded the palace grounds, clambering awkwardly over it. Once their feet were back on solid ground, they were free to roam as they pleased.

'Where should we go first?' Luke asked eagerly as they moved forwards, turning their backs to the palace and leaving it behind them in their minds.

'It's been so long since we've left the palace' Cam told him, 'it doesn't matter where we go.'

Luke laughed out loud suddenly, grabbing Cam by the arm

and running, pulling him with him.

Luke quickly let go of Cam's arm as Cam overtook him. The twins tore through the city streets, catching the attention of many around them as they passed them by. They ran until their muscles ached and their lungs burned. They ran fast enough for the wind to be strong, crossing several districts in no time at all. They ran until they could run no more.

'Wait' Luke gasped doubled over. 'Wait.'

Cam smiled at him, panting heavily and turning back to him. 'Had enough?' he breathed.

'Yeah' Luke huffed. His hand reached down to his leg. 'It's still weak' he whispered.

'It will get stronger' Cam told confidently. 'You just need to keep exercising.'

'I will' Luke said straightening. 'But can we walk from now on?'

Cam smiled at his brother, still breathing heavily. 'Sure' he said. 'Let's go.'

They walked side by side now, sticking close to one another. Many people around stared at them, even stopping what they were doing, slowing down as they walked, even turning back to them.

'Why do they do that?' Luke asked uncertainly, hobbling after Cam and grasping onto his arm.

'They recognise us' Cam told him.


Cam paused, turning back to his brother and tugging at his clothes.

'No one dresses like this' Cam said, 'no one…except princes…except us.'

'Oh' Luke mumbled, feeling slightly worried now. 'You don't think they would hurt us do you?'

'No' Cam said without hesitation. 'If any of them try to hurt us, they would suffer severe punishment.'

'By who?'

Cam halted then, pulling Luke back around the corner and pressing himself against the wall, holding Luke to him.

'What is it?' Luke whispered, slightly nervous now.

Cam peered around the corner again, Luke doing the same. Moving away from them, they saw a heavily armoured soldier walking alone. The steel he wore glinting in the sunlight, the sword he wore at his side was large.

'The palace guards' Cam said in a whisper. 'They patrol the city too.'

He grasped Luke firmly by the hand, pulling him across the street and to the narrow alley on the other side.

The brothers moved quickly, gaining distance between themselves and the guard.

They laughed and called out joyfully as they skipped and jumped, leaping high to try to reach the little yellow and orange triangular flags that rang along strings above their heads, crossing the narrow alley and coming out onto the wider street again. They passed a small group of gypsies that sat on crates listlessly, doing nothing other than waiting, or so it seemed. One of them raised his head as the boys jogged past, each holding the other's hand.

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