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   Chapter 37 No.37

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No evidence was left of what happened, and the killer was long gone before anyone knew.

No one ever saw Saidear again. It was like he simply vanished.

It was many days later, when the young princes were sitting listlessly in their room, bored out of their minds; there came a sudden bang at the window. The loud noise so abruptly breaking the silence caused Luke and Cam to almost jump out of their skin.

'What was that?' Luke worried, glancing fearfully towards his brother.

Cam closed the story book he had been reading, moving tentatively over to the window. He opened the window, leaning out over the edge and gazing downwards at the drop. On the balcony below him on the next level down, he saw a dark shape.

'I think it's a bird' Cam said, narrowing his eyes and craning forwards, trying to get a better look.

'The poor thing' Luke sighed, grabbing onto the edge of the bed and rising awkwardly to his feet, his leg sticking ridiculously out, still bound in a splint. 'Stupid thing' Luke scowled down at it, as if it were his leg's fault that he struggled to get about these days. He had for the most part stayed in his room because of this; even his meals had been brought to their room now. Cam of course had stayed with him.

'Hey' Cam said, still leaning out of the window. 'It's still alive.'

'It is?'

'I'll go get it' Cam said hurriedly, closing the window and moving away from the sill. 'I'll bring it back.'

'Hey wait!' Luke called after him.

'I'll just be a moment' Cam grinned at him, pausing at the door and glancing back at his brother. 'I promise I'll be back. Just wait here for me…kay?'

'M'kay' Luke mumbled miserably at him.

He sat on the bed as Cam snapped the door shut, listening to the endless silence that followed.

He glanced down at himself, glaring resentfully at the split.

'Stupid leg' he grumbled.

Cam hurried as fast as he could; running down the stairs so fast he nearly fell.

When he came to the balcony immediately below his and Luke's bedroom, he found the creature. It was a magpie.

Cam leant tentatively over it, assessing the situation. It seemed dazed, but was indeed alive. It sat there holding one of its wings out instead of tucking it up to its body like birds normally did.

'Perhaps it's broken' Cam said, leaning forwards to pick it up.

He cradled it and lifted the bird in his hands, as he did to the magpie began to squawk as if its wing

hurt it.

'I'm sorry' Cam said to the bird. 'I'll try to be as gentle as possible' he told it as he held it to his body tenderly.

A sudden thought struck him then.

Mother will know what to do he realised, turning away from the balcony. I'll take it to her.

The bird had fallen silent as Cam walked with it, holding it now away from his body, his arms stuck out before him. He walked slowly, allowing the bird to rest on his open palms.

He dared not touch it more than he had to, too scared he might hurt it, as if were made of sand, that might break and blow away in the slightest breeze.

It took him a long while to walk the many flights of steps up to his mother's room, where he found her brushing the hair of her wig as it sat on a display pedestal. She lifted her head, seeing Cam's reflection in the mirror before her. She turned to face him in her chair.

'What do you want?' she said shortly.

'Um…' Cam fumbled.

He padded over to her.

'I…I found this bird' he began. 'Luke and I were sitting in our room when we heard a bang. It flew into the window.'

He bowed his head to the bird that now sat silently in his open hands.

'I think it's broken its wing' Cam went on as Miranda gently took the bird from him, holding it in both her hands. 'It's holding its wing out funny' Cam said as Miranda's hands closed around the bird, 'it's a bit dazed too' Cam continued, 'it must have hit the window pretty hard, I think that if…' he stopped speaking instantly as he heard a crack.

Miranda relaxed her grip, handing the bird back and placing it in Cam's open hands.

Cam stared down in shock at the bird, its neck now broken.

Cam closed his mouth, eyed wide in disbelief. He let out a small whimper as tears began to shimmer in his eyes.

'Do you know what the lesson is here?' Miranda said patiently, as Cam's eyes flickered back up to her.

When Cam didn't speak, Miranda continued.

'The weak die' Miranda told him shortly. 'Life is hard, and if you are not strong, then you will suffer too.' She raised an eyebrow. 'Only the strong make it in this world.' She grimaced then, as if the sight of him suddenly annoyed her then. 'Nothing lives forever' she said to him, 'and in the end, everything dies. I did the bird a favour. It was suffering, couldn't you see?'

She turned her back to him, and continued to tend to her wig.

'Go away' she said curtly when Cam hadn't moved. 'I'm busy.'

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