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   Chapter 36 No.36

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'I know you will' Luke said lifting his shield again.

Cam lunged forward, hitting Luke's shield with all the strength he could muster, Luke struggling to hold his ground with his weakened leg.

On another floor, several flights of stairs above them, the queen was sitting in her room with her handmaiden, sharing a meal.

'I like these ones' Clara was saying, picking up one of the pieces of food and examining it before putting it in her mouth and chewing slowly.

Miranda glanced up at her, smiling slowly. 'You like the sweet ones don't you' she said to her.

'I've always had a sweet tooth' Clara said, 'ever since I was a child.'

They continued to eat in silence for a few minutes.

'I like these moments' Clara said quietly, listening to the crackle of the fire in the hearth nearby.

'Tell me' Miranda spoke up, 'do you enjoy being my servant?'

'Why such a strange question?'

'Many strange thoughts pass through my mind day by day' Miranda sighed. 'I think of all sorts of things, mostly what things would be like if I lived a different life.'

Clara bowed her head.

'I do enjoy serving you my lady' she answered. 'You are kind to me, and I have a good life.'

Miranda sighed heavily at that, leaning forwards with her elbows on the small table.

'Do you really mean that?' the queen asked, 'or are you just telling me what you think I want to hear?'

'No, I really do mean it' Clara said hastily.

She bowed her head as Miranda continued to watch her.

'Do you think the boys are alright?' Clara asked.

'Luke is fine' Miranda said casually. 'His leg was only cracked. I'm sure he's playing with his brother now.'

'You should probably check on them' Clara suggested. 'Just to make sure they're ok.'


Clara hesitated, unsure of how to answer.

'Or I can check on them for you' Clara said at last, 'I mean….I don't want to cause trouble for you.'

Miranda groaned, rubbing her hands over her face tiredly.

'You're probably right' she huffed. 'I'd better go' she added as Clara made to move, 'I am supposed to be their mother.'

'Best to get it out of the way' Clara politely prompted, sitting back down.

Miranda rose, pushing her chair noisily back. As she made her way to the door, she grabbed her long gloves and wig, putting them on before she left the room. With these simple accessories she became instantly beautiful. The gloves hid the scars on her arms, and the blonde wig hid her black hair she had cut short herself.

She was ugly without them.

She snapped the door shut behind her, leaving her handmaiden alone to wait pati

ently for her return.

When she reached the prince's room, she found a scene of serenity. Both boys were resting in a sitting position on the floor at the foot of one of the beds, both fast asleep, both still wearing their oversized helmets. Their toy wooden swords and shields lay by their sides.

Miranda despite herself, smiled.

She approached her sons, waking them gently by shaking each of their shoulders.

Luke and Cam groaned, lifting their heads simultaneously.

'Come on' Miranda whispered, pulling each of their helmets off. 'It's late. Its time you went to bed.'

She lifted Cam in her arms, carrying him to his bed and laying him down gently, before doing the same with Luke, laying him in his bed and tucking him in.

'How does your leg feel?' Miranda asked Luke.

'Better' Luke told her quietly.

'Goodnight' Miranda whispered to him, straightening and leaving the room swiftly.

She returned to her own room, feeling exhausted.

'Goodnight Clara' she mumbled to her handmaiden, pulling off her wig and gloves off and falling onto her bed without even bothering to undress.

Clara had already cleared away the food from the table, and the rest of the room had been tidied.

'Goodnight your majesty' her handmaiden bowed, moving to her own room that was connected to the queens, it was smaller but warmer and cosier.

Silence followed in their wake, broken only by the crackle of the fire, until that too an hour or so later, died out.

Elsewhere in the palace, Saidear was walking down the corridors, heading to his own room. Each member of the council now lived in the palace. They had their own homes of course, located elsewhere; some of the council members had several. But for now, in this most trying time they all gathered at the palace, in the one place where they could each better themselves, and make the most of the opportunities presented to them.

Like vulture's picking at a carcass Saidear thought to himself, as he strolled down the corridor alone. I wonder where all this will end.

He slowed to a stop before his room, staring down at the door handle.

What am I thinking? It will never end. People will always be clawing at each other for power. People will always be at each other's throats. Some men are never happy.

He entered his room, closing the door behind him.

It was dark inside, Saidear moved to light one of the lamps. But before he reached it, a shadow bolted towards him through the dark. Saidear stepped back, drawing a breath to cry out, but the blade pierced his throat before he could do so, silencing him forever.

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