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   Chapter 35 No.35

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Brioke just stood there, staring silently down at him. For the longest time he did nothing.

And then he knelt, pulling Cam towards him in a firm embrace.

The toy bird slipped from Cam's fingers as Brioke held him. He stared wide eyed at the ceiling above, unable to move in Brioke's grasp.

Luke was given drugs to ease the pain. His leg had swollen, and the healers said it was indeed broken, though the injury was not severe and they suspected the bone to be only cracked. His leg was put in a splint, and a short time later Luke was sent on his way.

Immediately after he was allowed to go and still feeling a little giddy from the painkillers, he went to find his brother. Deciding to look for him first in their bedroom, he made his way awkwardly through the palace and up the many stairs. The splint around his leg was making his journey longer and more tedious than it should have been, especially on the stairs. But at last he reached the top of the last set of stairs, and hobbled down the corridor as fast as he could, stumbling before the bedroom door and grabbing the handle to support him.

He righted himself and opened the door, hopping in merrily.

'Cam!' he beamed at the sight of him. 'I found you! Good.'

He closed the door begin him and shuffled forwards, sitting on the toy chest at the foot of Cam's bed, sitting beside him.

Cam hadn't seemed to even have noticed he was there. He hadn't looked up or made any reaction whatsoever.

'Hey' Luke said, grabbing him by the shoulder and shaking him lightly. 'Cam?'

Cam turned his head to him. He was extremely pale, his eyes wide like dinner plates.

'What's wrong?' Luke asked, becoming worried now. He tilted his head, waiting for a response. 'Cam?'

Cam didn't answer, but continued to stare.

'Did I do something wrong?' Luke asked tentatively. 'If I did then I'm sorry.'

Cam still didn't answer.

'Is it because I got hurt? Because I tried to climb the tree? Cam, please say something.'

Luke tried to engage him, but after his failed attempts to get him to speak, Luke ran (as best he could) to find their mother, who showed little interest.

'He's probably just upset you hurt yourself' Miranda answered without looking up as she shuffled through some papers. 'Just leave him be and I'm sure he'll be fine.'

Luke returned to their room. That evening, Cam went to bed in silence, lying facing the wall with his back to Luke. Luke stared at his brother fixated, until eventually a long while later he succumbed to sleep. But his worry would not let him rest peacefully, and he woke early the next mornin

g before the sun had risen.

Unable to get comfortable where he lay, he threw his sheets back, tip-toeing silently across the room to Cam's bed. He crawled upon the bed, leaning over Cam to see his face.

He was surprised to see Cam was wide awake, still with the same vacant expression as before.

Luke placed a hand upon his shoulder, squeezing him for a moment, a feeble attempt to comfort him, and let him know that he was there.

He didn't go back to his own bed; instead lay down beside Cam, holding him from behind with an arm wrapped around him.

An hour or so later, he had drifted off to sleep again. When he woke that morning after the sun had risen and was fully visible in the sky, Cam was his usual self.

He acted as if nothing had happened.

Every time Luke tried to bring up the subject, Cam would act as if he hadn't heard, or try his best to change topics. Eventually Luke gave up asking, and things continued normally for the rest of that day.

That evening they played together, running around the room with real soldier's helmets upon their heads. Far too big for them, the helmets came down over their eyes. They each had their own little wooden swords and shields that they used to fight each other. They sparred, jumping back and forth as they swung at each other, in their heads they were the mightiest of warriors, the same as the heroes they read about in their story books.

'Do you think princes could fight?' Luke asked Cam, stumbling backwards awkwardly on his splinted leg, waving his arms to keep balance and leaving himself open for attack.

He straightened, smiling at his brother.

'What do you mean?' Cam asked, relaxing slightly and lifting his helmet to see Luke better.

'Do you think we would be allowed to fight in real battles like other soldiers do?'

'I've never really thought about that before' Cam mused.

'Did father used to fight in battles?' Luke asked.

'I don't know…I don't think so.'

'I think we should be able to fight in battles if we want. It would be good for us I think; we could lead our own army and set an example.'

'When I'm king' Cam said, 'I can do whatever I want.'

'Oh yeah' Luke said beaming. 'You're going to be king before me.'

'Does that make you jealous?' Cam asked his brother.

Luke twirled the wooden sword, resting it upon his shoulder.

'No' he said. 'I could never be jealous of you. We'll always look after each other. There's no need for jealously.'

'You're right' Cam said. 'When I'm king, you can ask me for whatever you want. If it's in my power, I'll let you have it. I promise.'

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