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   Chapter 34 No.34

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Cam's heart stopped inside his chest as he watched his brother plummet, hitting several branches and falling into a bush at the base of the tree.

'Luke!' he cried in panic, running over to him. 'Oh gods…' Cam fumbled, fighting through the thick foliage and falling to his knees beside Luke, hands hovering over his brother's leg uncertainly. 'Are you ok?'

'I think I heard a crack' Luke uttered, trying to sit up. 'Cam…I think it's broken.'

There was already swelling and bruising around the leg. Cam clapped his hands over his mouth, trying to stop himself from being sick.

'Cam!' Luke called again, only managing to break Cam from his trance by shaking him. 'I can't stand. Run and get a healer. Now!'

Cam rose to his feet too fast, quickly becoming dizzy, his vision clouding over. Cam felt for the wall of the palace beside him as he went, using it for support.

Immediately as he rounded the corner he sunk to his knees, being violently sick and waiting for his sight to clear again. Only after several seconds passed did he muster the will to stand, this time doing so slowly.

He made his way gingerly forwards, picking up speed as he went, heading to the main doors of the palace, all the while thinking of his poor injured brother he had left behind, waiting for him to return.

I have to be quick Cam thought to himself. He's waiting for me.

For ages he ran around the palace, calling desperately for help, searching for someone, anyone. But there was no one around.

'Where are the palace guards?' Cam whimpered, clenching his teeth and fighting back tears. 'Where are they? They're supposed to always be here.' Why now…?

Eventually in his desperation he collapsed where he stood, crying hysterically into his hands, thinking of his brother outside still waiting for help. Minutes later, by pure chance a figure appeared. It was the governess.

'Cam?' Sylvia asked worriedly. 'Whatever's the matter? Where is your brother?'

'He's hurt' Cam sobbed, wiping his teary eyes as he raised his head up at her. 'He's hurt himself. Please help him. He's hurt his leg.'

'Where is he?' Sylvia asked hastily as Cam rose gingerly to his feet.

'Outside…by the big tree growing by the palace wall.'

Sylvia strode briskly away with Cam hurrying behind to keep up with her; he followed the governess back outside, back to his brother who was waiting patiently.

'Oh gods' the governess exclaimed at the sight of his leg. 'Luke did you climb this tree?'

'The kite' Luke argued back. 'It was stuck.'

'Stupid boy' she s

colded, bending down to pick him up, ignoring his cries of protest as his leg hurt him. 'Be still' she told him, more soothing now. 'You'll be fine.'

She carried him back to the palace; he looked so small in her arms. She carried him with ease, heading to the healing rooms on the lower grounds.

'Stop following me' she shot back at Cam.

'But I…'

'You'll get in the way' she snapped. 'Just wait in your room. Your brother will be fine.'

'Don't worry!' Luke waved to him from around her body as Cam slowed to a stop. 'I'll be fine I promise. I'll find you lateerrrr!' he called, disappearing around the corner.

Cam stared at the corner he had vanished behind, feeling suddenly lost and alone. He had rarely been apart from his brother, and without him by his side, he didn't know what to do.

How could I have been so stupid? This is all my fault. If I hadn't been distracted…if I hadn't let him climb that tree… Cam balled his fists. He always was a bit clumsy……I should have gotten the kite myself, then Luke would not have…

He decided after a time to take the governess' advice and went to his room, walking slowly higher up in the palace, traversing the many many stairs in his home; he at last reached the doors to the bedroom he shared with his brother. But not before he was spotted by a figure that began to trail him.

Cam entered his room, closing the door behind him.

He stared into the room. It was so quiet, so still.

Cam slowly walked forwards, he had never realised until now how large the room they shared was, and how empty it suddenly felt.

He padded forwards and towards his bed, heading towards the toy chest at the foot of the bed.

Upon the chest, resting against the closed lid was a small wooden bird with outstretched wings. One of the many toys he and his brother shared. Cam lifted it, moving it slowly through the air as if it were flying. It was a simple toy, it wasn't even painted. Cam at that moment began to think about painting it himself, when the door opened suddenly behind him.

Cam glanced nervously around, lowering the toy in his hand. He recognised the figure that stood there, though he didn't know the person well.

'You're that man on the council' Cam said. 'I've seen you before.'

Brioke closed the door behind him slowly, approaching Cam even more slowly, and never taking his eyes off him. Cam began to feel suddenly uneasy, and even a little frightened under the man's piercing stare.

'What do you want?' Cam asked him, voice shaking slightly. 'Why are you here?'

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