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   Chapter 33 No.33

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He couldn't forget about the man standing at the foot of his bed. No matter how hard he tried.

'I want to…' Cam began in a trembling voice. 'I want to go outside…to play.'

'Alright' Luke nodded meekly. 'I'll come.'

The boys got dressed quickly and ran down the many stairs in their palace home, slipping through one of the smaller servant doors on the ground floor and escaping outside through a narrow passage. What they found here in the garden surprised both of them.

'What's going on here?' Luke demanded of the soldier.

'The gates of the palace grounds are being shut permanently for your own safety' the guard replied. 'On the orders of the queen.'

'So no one can come in?' Cam asked tentatively. 'Ever?'

'The only way in or out now' the soldier replied, 'is by the front gates, which will be heavily guarded from now on. Sorry princes, this is for your own good.' He moved away silently, making his way back across the garden.

Cam and Luke exchanged a fearful glance, before looking back at the small garden gate before them, or at least, what had become of it.

The gate had been entirely bricked up now, and the wall that stood before them matched the walls that surrounded the rest of the garden. Impossibly high and built of smooth stone.

There was no way for them to climb over.

'It's ok' Luke whispered to his brother as Cam moved closer to him for comfort. 'We can still have fun inside the palace grounds.'

Chapter Six

'Strange' Astley said, peering through the window to the outside world.

'What's strange?' Dax replied glancing up.

Astley released the velvet curtain, turning back to the room.

'Closing the gates to keep the princes in.' He frowned. 'It's a strange thing to do.'

'Is it so strange? They are her sons after all, why wouldn't she want to keep them safe?' Dax leant back in his chair, swirling the wine in his glass around and around.

'How amusing' Astley said dryly.

'She has the power to do that' Dax added, 'what little power she has now. And the boys do seem to like to wander off don't they?'

Astley smirked, turning back to the window again. 'Yes' he said as he watched the bored looking guards standing by the great gates like statues. 'We have to keep an eye on them now…for their own safety.' His expression grew serious then. 'Are you sure she will not cause us too many problems?'

'Of course I'm not sure' Dax replied, 'but…' he glanced towards the window Astley stood beside. 'I wonder what happened to make the queen do this. What is she tryi

ng to achieve?'

'It doesn't matter' Astley droned. 'If anything…it makes things all the more easy for us.' he brought a hand to his mouth then, brow furrowed as he thought. He spoke now, almost as if to himself. 'If the boys cannot leave, then they will remain in the palace, where it will be easier to get to them. Miranda…if you are trying to protect them…then you are going the wrong away about it. You should have taken them away, far away…and yourself along with them.'

Cam was lethargic that day; he seemed distant, distracted, and unable to concentrate. Luke tried to engage him in something fun, tried to cheer him up and take his mind off whatever was troubling him. He decided to make a kite out of brightly coloured material, tying it all together with ribbons and bits of string. The brothers went outside that morning to play, Luke taking the kite with them and flying it through the air. But in his mind Cam was far removed from the rest of the world, was far removed from his brother.

At one point, Cam was vaguely aware of his brother saying something, but he wasn't sure exactly what. Luke's voice seemed distant and faded as if he were speaking underwater. Cam watched the string from the kite trail past him along the ground, the kite threatening to take off, becoming lost forever in the sky.

'Cam!' Luke called again running up to him, speaking louder now, grabbing him by the shoulder and shaking him. 'The kite!'

Cam lifted his head, blinking to clear his thoughts as Luke ran on and after the kite as it floated away through the air, threatening to go higher and higher and out of reach.

'Aww dammit' Luke huffed, slowing to a stop a distance away and staring up at the kite now caught in a tree. 'It's not coming down now.' He turned back to Cam who had jogged after him to catch up. 'What's gotten into you?' he asked him. 'You're not yourself today.'

'I'm…sorry...' Cam mumbled. 'I…didn't mean to…'

'It doesn't matter' Luke waved away. 'I'll have to climb it. Stay here and watch me.'

Luke approached the tree. Cam tilted his head back as Luke began to climb laboriously up the branches. The drop was precarious, and as Luke climbed higher and higher, Cam began to grow worried.

Agonising minutes passed.

Above him Luke scrambled onto another branch, clawing his way closer to the kite still stuck firmly in the tree, its tail waving at him in the wind.

Luke reached forward, hand outstretched. Cam's eyes widened as he watched. The kite was nearly in Luke's reach, when he slipped.

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