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   Chapter 32 No.32

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'What brought the orgy to a grinding halt?'

Beside him Tiara slapped herself in the face. 'I cannot believe you convinced me to play this game.'

Lucas smirked silently, staring at the five white cards he held in his hand. 'What brought the orgy to a grinding halt?' he repeated, picking one of the white cards and placing it on the table. 'Ass to mouth' he said.

'The safe word' Reuben said putting his own card down.

Tiara glanced at the brothers, eyebrow raised. She pondered for a moment, before placing her own white card down. 'A bunch of idiot playing a card game instead of interacting like normal humans.'

Reuben threw his head back in laughter.

'I think you win that one' Lucas sniggered beside him. 'You pick up the next card.'

Tiara picked up a black card and read it out loud.

'Blank will never be the same after blank.'

'A 55-gallon drum of lube' Lucas began picking two white cards from his hand, 'will never be the same after…all of this blood.'

Reuben cackled hilariously at this, Tiara only gasped and stared in shock.

'Getting abducted by Peter Pan' Reuben read aloud picking two white cards to complete the sentence, 'will never be the same after double penetration.'

'Santa Claus will never be the same after scrotum tickling' Tiara read aloud placing her own white cards down.

'Tiara I'm surprised at you' Lucas laughed aloud.

His brother sighed beside him, tears of laughter running down his face as he practically cried into a hand. 'Oh…' he sighed again. 'I've had too much to drink.'

'It's my turn to pick a card' Lucas said taking a black one from the pile.

'When all else fails, I can always masturbate to…'

They all put their cards down at once.

'…wearing an octopus for a hat.'

'…my worthless son.'

'…Stockholm Syndrome.'

They all dissolved into fits of laugher (even Tiara).

'It's your turn Reuben' Lucas gasped, holding his aching sides as he laughed too hard.

Tiara picked up another white card as Reuben picked up a black card to start the sentence. On the table around the cards were several bottles, beside a pair of black gloves and a plague mask, staring up at the ceiling with its blank round glass eyes.

Reuben placed the black card on the table.

'What's the gift that keeps on giving?'

Interlude end

That night, Cam woke up screaming.

He had had dreams, horrible nightmares of a knife at his throat. A hooded and masked figure standing over him, the vision of the bloodied knife in the strangers hand had burned into his memory and worse,

the sight of Auntie collapse; the sight of all that blood.

Luke having been woken abruptly by Cam's terror had run from the room to get their mother, leaving Cam all alone after his efforts to calm him had failed.

Cam lay in his bed sweating and shaking, heart hammering in his chest as the nightmare clung to his mind.

But the memory of that horror soon faded, only to be replaced with something far worse.


Cam glanced up and saw him there. The council member, standing at the bottom of his bed at the very precise moment he had been left alone.

Cam glanced about him, but his brother wasn't there.

He stared back up at that figure, tall and imposing. Brioke stared down at him; there was something in his eyes that Cam did not like; something strong. Had Cam been a bit older, he would perhaps have recognised it.

It was lust.

But Brioke was long gone by the time Luke returned with their mother. Cam was shocked to see how upset Luke was, his voice wavered as he spoke and there were tears in his eyes.

'Cam?' Miranda spoke calmly to him. 'Are you alright?'

Cam stared up at his mother, shaking his head slowly.

'Did you have a nightmare?' she asked him levelly.

He nodded.

'Drink this' she said to him, lifting the glass in her hand that she had brought with her. 'It will help you sleep. It will stop the nightmares.'

She held the glass to his lips, tilting his head back as he drank deeply.

Seconds later, Cam had slumped back against his bed, fast asleep and utterly still.

'Will he be alright now?' Luke asked uncertainly.

'Yes' Miranda whispered to him. 'Now go to bed yourself. It's very late.'

Luke lay back in his own bed after the queen had gone, resting on his side and facing Cam. He watched Cam for hours with concern, too frightened by his scream; he couldn't even think about sleep.

He only slipped into an uneasy rest as the sun began to rise, and later on that morning, Cam woke, moving over to Luke and shaking him awake.

'Luke' he whispered. 'Luke.'

Luke groaned, sitting up and rubbing his tired eyes to see Cam kneeling in the bed beside him.

'Are you alright?' Luke mumbled, lowering his hands and turning to face his brother.

'I'm fine' Cam replied.

'Last night' Luke began, 'what…I mean…why?'

'It doesn't matter' Cam answered quickly. 'I don't want to talk about it.'

Cam couldn't get out of his mind, that figure that had appeared in his room the night before. He recognised him as one of the council members, but couldn't remember his name.

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