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   Chapter 31 No.31

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He forced himself to rise again, hugging his belly he moved one step at a time, hunched over and trudging onwards through the night. He didn't know where he was going, he simply walked through the tall grass and the forests, until the vegetation around him became sparse, until it vanished altogether. He kept walking still, until his feet met with stone.

Cam paused glancing up. There were houses around him. He had come to the edge of the city that surrounded his palace home. The buildings on the edges were smaller and built further apart with wider roads, deeper in the city towards the centre, the buildings were crammed in and the roads more congested.

Cam leant against the wall of one of the houses, holding his side and resting with his head again the stone. The stitch still pained him, his damp clothes stuck to him as he moved.

Cam let out a heavy sight, forcing himself to stand straight.

Cam walked on, moving slowly with his head hung. He moved through the dark city streets, quickly becoming lost in its maze.

He wandered without rest long into the night. At one point a man grabbed him, a hand darting out from the shadows and spinning him around to face him.

Cam stared up with wide eyes, but his demeanour hadn't changed. He showed no fear. Not this time, still suffering from the shock of what he had witnessed before.

'What's a young boy like you doing wandering the streets alone?' the man asked.

Cam tilted his head back. He saw beneath the man's hood that he was old and very skinny, with worn skin and missing teeth.

'Anything could happen to you' the man gleamed leering down at him. 'Think of all the things…' he trailed off; a strange look crossed his face.

Cam did not break his gaze from the vagrants face. It felt for a moment that the man was caressing his shoulder, but then Cam realised, that he was in fact feeling the fabric of his shirt.

'How did…where did you get this?' the stranger asked, a worried tone creeping into his voice. 'Only a lord could afford such wealth.'

And then the strangers hand went around Cam's neck. He picked the necklace Cam wore, feeling it between his fingers. It was silver and studded with jewels.

'Oh my…' the vagrant said with hungry eyes. 'Only the young princes would wear such finery, and your clothes….' He broke off.

With lightning quick moves the stranger's hand slipped around the back of Cam's neck, unclasping the necklace with swift fingers. The stranger vanished into the night, drifting backwards and out of sight before Cam knew what had happened.

He was alone again


He stayed in the streets that night. The sun rose hours later to find the young prince hanging around the outside of a shop, sitting on a step with his head in his hands, staring at the ground between his legs.

It was hours later after that, when they came for him.

Cam was so deep in his trance, that he did not notice them until one of them grasped his shoulder and shook him lightly. Then he heard his name being spoken.

Cam lifted his head, eyes bloodshot red; he stared blearily up into the face of the soldier, one of the palace guards.

Cam thought vaguely that his mother must have sent them to go look for him.

'Young prince' the guard spoke again. 'Thank the gods we've found you safe. You must come with us now.'

When Cam didn't move, the soldier leant forwards, taking him gently by the hand and pulling him to his feet.

'Come on' the guard spoke softly. 'You're safe with us now. We'll take you home.'

The moment his mother walked into the room she slapped him.

'What happened?' she demanded of Cam shaking him. 'Where did you go?!'

Cam didn't look at her, instead starred at the ground at his feet, his black hair hanging over his face, his cheek burning painfully.


He looked up.

Miranda hesitated, seeing his bloodshot eyes. But there was something else that made her falter, something in his expression.

It was grief.

'What happened?' Miranda asked softly now, holding him either side of his face.

When he didn't answer, she simply embraced him, holding him in her arms silently.

Cam would later work out as the memory ran in a loop in his mind, that as the cloaked figures had kissed, the male figure slowly drew a knife from beneath his cloak, stabbing Auntie in the belly.

He had used the kiss as a distraction to disguise his true intentions.

She trusted him, Cam would realise with increased horror. She trusted him and he killed her.

'Who can you trust in this world?' Cam murmured.

'What was that?' Luke asked loudly. 'Cam? Did you say something?'

'No' Cam quickly replied.

They were in their bedroom now. Both boys had been confined, and the window had been bolted shut. The only draft in the room came now from the fireplace, which was cold and lifeless.

'Luke…' Cam began reluctantly. 'Auntie………well………she's gone………'

Luke stared back wide-eyed at his brother. He reached forward with a tentative hand to touch his arm.

Cam turned to him and embraced him, sobbing into his shoulder.

Interlude start

Reuben picked up a black card and turned it over, reading it out loud.

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