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   Chapter 30 No.30

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Cam narrowed his eyes as he tried to read it.

There was something very wrong about his aura.

Auntie lifted her hand then, taking her mask off. Cam saw her face as she did so, but she did not see him. With the distance between them, Cam clinging close to the rock in the dark and utterly still, and her attention fixed on the other hooded figure before her, she hadn't noticed Cam.

Auntie held her mask with one hand, reaching towards the other figure and taking his mask off too. She was smiling.

Cam crouched slightly, completely absorbed on the scene before him.

The two seemed to lean towards each other for a kiss. Cam watched without reaction.

The male figure, with his back to Cam took his mask back from Auntie, pulling her body closer to his with the hand that still held the mask, caressing her with his other hand as he pulled her into another deep and prolonged kiss.

Cam watched this curiously. He had never seen his own parents behave this way towards each other, before when his father was alive. He has seen young couples kiss on one or two occasions in those rare moments in the past when he and Luke had snuck into the city outside their home. He had wondered briefly why people did this and what it meant.

Cam couldn't tear his eyes away as he watched. The male figure suddenly pulled Auntie towards him again, jerking her, even though she was already close, their bodies pressed together.

Neither moved for a few seconds, then Auntie tilted her head back, a look of what could only be described as shock was written over her face.

'My love…' Cam heard her whisper, '…why…?'

'Dead man's boots' the male figure spoke clearly now, his voice unnaturally calm. 'I have a friend you see.'

Cam didn't understand what he meant by that, he didn't understand what had happened.

Until Auntie stepped back.

Cam gasped with shock, eyes growing wide as he saw a knife protruding from her gut.

Auntie fell to her knees and collapsed. The other figure bent forwards, pulling the knife out of her sharply.

Cam clapped his hands over his mouth to stop himself from crying out, heart racing; body beginning to sweat and tremble. He watched helplessly as the other figure knelt beside Auntie's body, running the blade across her throat to ensure that she was dead.

The slice was deep and the blood ran quickly, staining the grass as it seeped out of the artery.

Cam's eyes travelled down to the grass around her body.


There was so much blood.

'Gods…' he whispered, stepping back.

The male hooded figure rose to his feet again, standing with his back to Cam. He replaced the mask back where it was, covering h

is face once more.

And then he turned fully around, suddenly staring at Cam head on.

Cam's heart froze in his chest.

He had been seen.

The vision of that hooded man standing before him with bloodied knife in hand, became imprinted in his memory forever.

Cam blinked several times, as the figure glided towards him in a horrifying manner, as if not human, but a spectre.

Cam turn-tailed and ran for his life.

Everything was a blur after that. Cam ran away as fast as he could, running towards the fields where the grass grew long, where the trees grew tall, somewhere he could hide.

But he didn't get very far, when suddenly the tall cloaked figure appeared right before him, flicking into existence from nothing.

Cam skidded to a stop; he was instantly grabbed by his wrist by the male masked figure.

Cam cried out in fear, trying to pull away from him. The stranger whipped out the knife and drew it to Cam's throat. Cam froze, staring up in terror at his own reflection in those blank eyes in that mask, the figure that towered over him.

He trembled, whimpering and gritting his teeth as tears ran down his cheeks.

The masked figure leant further over him slowly, still holding the knife to Cam's throat.

Their faces were inches apart now; Cam tried to pull away again, glancing briefly down at his wrist that was beginning to hurt in the stranger's grip, before looking back up at those terrible eyes.

The stranger moved closer still, until the beak of the mask was nearly touching his skin. Then the stranger stopped, as if hesitating.

Cam waited for what the stranger would do next. Perhaps he would slash his throat and end his life forever, as he had done to Auntie.

Cam was sure at that moment that he was going to die.

But then the figure suddenly spoke, a single word that cut through Cam's trance.


He let him go and Cam fell back.

The figure tucked the knife away, straightening up and turning. He glided away like a spirit, it looked like his legs weren't even moving, which scared Cam even more.

Before he had slipped out of sight, Cam rose to his feet again, running the opposite direction.

He ran until his muscles burned, until it felt like his lungs were on fire and his breath came in rasps, until the stitch in his side became unbearable, the pains in his body agonising.

He collapsed suddenly in the grass, hunched over resting on his knees and leaning forwards, holding his body with his forehead pressed against the ground.

Gasping and wheezing, his clothes soaked in sweat as he trembled.

Cam sat back on his heels, holding his aching sides, tears streaming down his face.

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