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   Chapter 29 No.29

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She marched out of the room without another word or backwards glance, taking the bed sheets with her. She slammed the door behind her, trapping them both inside.

The sound of the key turning in the lock was final.

All was quiet.

Luke stared down at Cam, who was curled up in a ball on the floor, sobbing into his hands.

The fear began to ebb away. Luke pushed himself off the wall, stepping lightly across the floor and moving towards Cam.

He knelt beside him, reaching a hand tentatively out to him.

'C-Cam…?' tears prickled in his eyes as he spoke. 'Cam…I'm sorry.'

Cam pushed himself gingerly up, groaning at the new pains in his body. He turned towards his brother and wrapping his arms around his neck, sobbing into his shoulders.

Luke held him back, crying with him, rocking back and forth.

'I'm sorry Cam…you sss-stepped forward to help….I'm sorry I didn't…I couldn't…I just froze…I'm sorry.'

'It's ok' Cam whispered. 'I'm glad…to save you.' He smiled then, new bruises appearing on his face. 'You've already been hurt. And besides…I'm the older twin.' He paused. 'It was my duty to save you.'

Luke clutched him tighter, fresh tears streaming from his eyes.

'No matter what happens' Luke whispered, 'I'm glad at least that we have each other.'

A few hours later and the two boys were lying on their own beds, both shivering in the large and chilly room, their small bodies cold without the sheets.

Cam was unable to sleep; Luke on the other hand, was far away.

After several hours of tossing and turning, Cam gave up any more thoughts of sleep, instead rising from his bed and tip-toeing quietly over to Luke.

'I'm sorry' Cam whispered to him, leaning over him as he slept. 'I have to see her one last time. I have to….work something out….' He balled his fists, trying his best to keep back his tears. Luke did not stir as Cam spoke to him. Cam leant back. 'I'll talk to her' he whispered to his brother. 'I'll work something out.' He smiled weakly. 'Auntie will know what to do.'

Cam turned from him. He escaped out of the window, just one last time. Being a good climber he was able to make his carful way down the outer wall, using the windowsills to hold onto, using the cracks in the aged rock, the vines that grew up the side of the palace from the garden, anything he could find. Though it was dark, the moon shone brightly over head, and Cam could see his way as he slowly made his descent. It was incredibly dangerous what he did now, one slip and he might not recover from the fall.

He climbed slowly; it was painful for him, suffering these new in

juries at the hands of his own mother. She had never beaten him before. Even so, it had not entirely surprised him that she had done such a thing.

He climbed down the wall, each move incredibly careful. It took several minutes, but at last he reached the bottom, letting go of the crack in the rock once he decided the fall was safe. He stumbled on the grass, falling to his knees. He stared down at his hands, fingers cut and nails bleeding. It didn't matter though. The only thing that mattered was reaching Auntie.

Cam forced himself to stand, grimacing as he did. He tilted his head back, looking up at the window above, sure that his brother was still fast asleep in their room. He always had been a heavy sleeper.

'I'm sorry Luke' he whispered to the night before turning on his heel and making his way. 'I'm sorry to have to leave you like this.'

Cam hurried as quickly as he could through the garden and out through one of the small rusted gates. He ran as fast as he could across the open field and to the beach beyond. He ran until his sides hurt, he ran until his breath came in wheezes, until his body ached and the muscles in his legs burned. He only slowed when he reached the cliffs, pausing with a hand on a rock, doubled over to catch his breath. He touched the stitch at his side tenderly, grimacing at the bruise that was there.

Mother… he thought. I hate you…

He stayed for a moment to catch his breath, straightening when he felt a little better. He moved slowly onwards across the cliffs, looking for her.

The moon lit up the plains around him, and Cam could see clearly everything around him, thought it was still dark.

He began to wander around aimlessly for some time, until he saw something, drawing back suddenly at the sight of not one, but two figures, each identical to the other, each wearing black gloves, hooded black robes, and the same plague masks Cam had become so familiar with. None of their skin was visible, as always with those strange figures.

Cam leant back against the rock breathing slowly, before peering around it again and towards the figures.

One he thought was Auntie; he recognised her voice as she whispered to the other figure, though he couldn't make out what she was saying.

The other figure, he didn't know why, but he felt was that same figure as the one he and his brother had seen when they had met Auntie for the very first time. He wasn't speaking, but he had a tall and muscular build, like a man's. There was something about his demeanour that seemed a little off, a little tense, a little irritant. His body language…

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