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   Chapter 28 No.28

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'Yes Auntie' Luke whispered, 'only…if you promise to take us away from here.'

Auntie hesitated, then her body relaxed slightly, shoulder slumped.

Auntie lifted her eyes to Luke's, answering at last.

'Alright' she mumbled weakly back, before returning her attention back to the pool and continuing to clean away the dirt. 'If that is what you really want.'

'We hate it here' Luke sobbed. 'Since father died…I don't care what happens.' Tears began to run down his cheeks. 'I just want to get away, somewhere where I feel safe.'

Auntie glanced back at Cam beside her.

'Is this…what you what too?'

'Yes' Cam replied without hesitation. 'You want us to stay safe. You say that you love us; then don't leave us here where we'll only be hurt.'

Auntie looked away then, hanging her head as she grasped Luke leg tenderly.

'I will take you far away' she relented, 'somewhere safe; somewhere where you will be happy.'

She cupped her hands, lifting some of the water and pouring it over Luke's back.

Luke sucked in a sharp breath between his teeth.

'It's cold' he said.

'I know.'

'I stings.'

'I know…'

'We don't want to go home' Cam told her. 'We…don't really belong there anymore.'

Auntie turned to face him.

'Don't worry' Auntie said in a hushed voice. 'I promise you, that the next time we meet…things will be different.'

'You'll take us away?' Luke asked, voice growing hopeful.

'Yes' Auntie whispered. 'I will…take you to my own home, from there…' she smiled weakly. 'You can…' she broke off, looking at each of the boys in turn. 'My home is a strange place' she finished. 'I don't know…if I am honest…that you will like it. But it's alright.' She smiled widely then. 'If you don't like it, we can go somewhere else. There are many places we could go. I'm sure you'd like at least some of them, and I'm sure one of them…you could call your home.'

Auntie walked with the boys back to the palace after it began to grow dark, she carried Luke tenderly in her arms, as Cam tagged along after her, holding a section of her cloak in his hand tightly for comfort.

She entered the gardens of the palace easily, gliding like a spirit through the silent orchards. Cam still had not let go of her cloak, and as they entered through the rusted iron gates, Cam copied Auntie's footsteps, matching them perfectly.

It was pretty in the garden, the flowers were in full bloom, the hedges that grew around them were well tended and everything was pristine. But the

boys knew the garden would be deserted now, the gardeners only worked in the mornings, so there was no one around.

Soon enough, they reached the spot below the window of the boy's bedroom. Auntie put Luke down.

'I'll wait here until you climb up' Auntie told them. 'I'll watch you, and catch you if you fall. Now be careful.'

'I love you Auntie' Luke mumbled, jumping up and grabbing her around the neck, hugging her one last time before she left them.

'I love you too' Auntie said, embracing Luke tightly, before turning to Cam. 'I will see you both soon' she whispered hugging him too. 'Now go.'

Auntie watched as the two boys climbed back up the line of tied bed sheets that still hung there, Cam going first; and following slowly after him was Luke. His injuries still pained him, but somehow, he managed to climb up.

Auntie only slipped away back into the darkness, after she had watched both boys climb back into their bedroom, through the open window and to safety.

'Goodbye' she whispered to the night, turning back one last time towards the palace before setting off, back to her home and away.

The moment Cam and Luke entered their bedroom and straightened, they both tensed in shock.

Their mother had been waiting for them. The very sight of her terrified them; they had never seen her this way before. She was so angry; her eyes had turned bloodshot red.

In a few short strides she was upon then, stepping out of the shadows and grabbing Luke who happened to be closest.

'No!' Cam screamed, grabbing her by the arm. 'Leave him alone.'

Miranda listened, turning her attention onto Cam instead. She slapped him so hard she sent him reeling.

Luke began to tremble violently, backing against the wall as he watched his mother continue to beat and kick Cam. The fear and the horror only made him freeze, he could only watch helplessly as Cam curled into a ball to try to protect himself.

'No…' he whispered, unable to find his voice. 'Please…stop…'

When Miranda finally relented she knelt before Cam, grabbing him by the shoulders and lifting him roughly to his feet. 'Disobey me again and I will kill you myself' she snarled through gritted teeth.

She threw him back to the floor, striding over to the windows and pulling the bed sheets up, tucking them under her arm before snapping the window shut.

She rounded on the boys one last time.

'Do you take this for a joke?! Don't you even care about your own lives?! Do you think this is a game?!'

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