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   Chapter 27 No.27

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Her brow twitched in the same way it did when she was trying to suppress her emotions, most of the time she did this only when she was very angry.

'Do you boys take me for a fool?' she asked them dangerously.

Cam and Luke didn't answer; they only cowered, clinging to each other for comfort as they stood in the river.

The next day, they were confined to their rooms all day. The entrance to the catacombs had been sealed on the queen's orders, and outside the palace upon the cliffs that overlooked the beach, Auntie waited.

'How can we trust you' Hester was saying, 'when you cannot even keep a watch over your own children?'

Miranda gritted her teeth, a vein in her forehead throbbed.

'How can you even begin to rule over a kingdom?' Hester finished.

'Tch.' Miranda turned her head away, before looking back to reply.

'Children…' she began.

'Children' Hester finished hastily. 'Children.'

Miranda knew he was mocking her, long before he turned to smirk at the others around the table.

She bit her tongue, knowing that to open her mouth would only be playing into their game.

How do they even know about that? She thought furiously to herself. No…I won't play into their hands…

'We've got some matters that need to be discussed' another said lifting some papers. 'Shall we begin?'

As usual, Miranda listened silently, as the men around her talked.

Back in their room, Cam and Luke had made a long rope out of the bed sheets they had tied together, flinging it to the window after tying one end to the bed.

'You go first' Cam said to his brother.

'I…' Luke replied hesitantly, leaning out of the window at the drop. 'It's so high.'

'You'll be fine' Cam said encouragingly. 'I'll be right behind you. Or do you want me to go first?'

'No' Luke said hastily, 'I can do it.'

He clambered awkwardly over the sill, holding the bed sheets as tight as he could. Luke began to climb carefully down. Cam's heart hammered in his chest as he sat on the window sill watching his brother, and staring down into the gardens below them. A short while later he followed after Luke.

It wasn't the drop that worried Cam the most; it wasn't the fear of losing his grasp and falling, but fear for his brother. Luke was not the best climber, he was awkward and clumsy.

A sudden wind picked up around them, rocking the bed sheets as the brothers hung onto them.


Luke's head shot up one last time to Cam above him as the wind picked up again, before his fingers

slipped and he fell.

The day was growing late. Auntie was just about to leave when at last the boys arrived.


Cam ran up to her to embrace her, Auntie held him close, kissing his cheek tenderly. She glanced up then towards Luke, her heart stopping in her chest.

Luke's injuries were only minor, but to see him hurt wounded her so deeply.

'Luke' she wailed rushing over to him. 'You poor thing! What happened?'

'We…' Luke began. He had hobbled the whole way here, even on his injured leg that pained him so much with every step. 'We wanted so badly to see you.'

'We had to climb through the window' Cam explained, coming up behind her. 'Mother has blocked the catacombs, we can't come the way we used to.'

Auntie embraced Luke tightly. 'Stupid boy' she scolded, her voice breaking. 'You could have hurt yourself worse than what you have…you could have even been killed!'

'I don't care!' Luke shot back suddenly angry.

Auntie tensed, eyes wide. She leant back away from Luke, her beautiful face so perfect, so flawless, besides the tears running down her cheeks.

'I wanted to see you' Luke whined, crying too. 'I…I love you Auntie…'

Auntie bit her lip so hard that it bled.

'Oh Luke' she whispered, brushing the tears away from his cheeks tenderly. 'Are you so desperate to get away from your lives?'

'We hate it at home' Cam said loudly beside her, grabbing her by the arm as tight as he could. 'We're frightened…'

'Take us away' Luke commanded. 'Take us away from here. Please!'

Auntie stared in shock at him, before slowly leaning forward and wrapping her arms around him. Beside her Cam moved closer, holding her too and crying silently into her shoulder.

'I can't' Auntie whispered. 'I cannot take you away from this place. You have a life here… I cannot take you away from that.'

Auntie lifted Luke carefully in her arms, carrying him down the cliffs and to the sea, taking his shirt and trousers off and kneeling in the water to clean the wounds.

'The salt water will sting a bit' she told him in a quiet voice, placing his leg gently into a shallow pool in the rocks, 'but I have to do this, I have to clean….' She drew a deep and steady breath. 'You've got dirt in all your cuts…you'll get an infection.'

Luke whimpered sadly as Auntie, as tenderly as she could, washed the blood away.

'You could have broken your leg' Auntie told him. 'I don't want you doing that ever again.' She paused. 'Can you promise me that? Promise me Luke.'

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