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   Chapter 26 No.26

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'Her?' Cam mimicked.

'The philosophers stone. The one dressed all in black. She was frightened when she saw him for the first time, as she knew she was being hunted and had lived her whole life in hiding, always afraid. But this brother reached out to her, he told her that he would protect her and keep her safe, and so she trusted him. When the injured brother was well again, they accepted her into their home, for the brothers always did things together, always supported each other, and were rarely apart from one another. But soon enough, the black philosophers stone was found, one group wanted to harm her, the other wanted to save her, but both wanted to take her away. But the black stone didn't want to go, do you know why?'

'Why?' Luke and Cam both echoed.

'Because she had fallen in love with the elder of the two brothers, the one who had first met her, and through her, they were able to speak to the group that wanted to save her. This group told the brothers that they came from another world, and that they wanted to take both philosophers stones back with them where it was safer.'

'Another world?' Cam's eye lit up. 'Does such a thing exist?'

'Oh you sweet boy' Aunt cooed, poking the end of his nose teasingly. 'You're so adorable.' She turned then towards Luke, tickling him and holding him tight as he began to squirm. She ceased, Luke becoming still again. 'But it was not to be' Aunt went on, her tone becoming sad. 'Despite the efforts of the two young brothers, and their young friends who shared powers like theirs, and the group who wished to save the philosophers stones, they could not be saved. Despite all their collective efforts, both philosophers stones were lost, first the white, and then the black. The elder brother, the one that had fallen in love with the black stone had tried to save her, tried to flee, but his efforts were in vain. The group that had wished to harm her, killed her and took the stone. But there was something they didn't know. Before she died, the black philosophers stone created an illusion. The stone that was taken was a fake, the one the elder brother found later, was the real one, and he had it all to himself. After that, because they had proven themselves, the group that had tried to save the stones, invited the brothers to their home, opening a portal to another world.'

'Did they do it?' Cam asked. '

Did they go to the other world?'

'Yes' Aunt beamed down at him. 'Both brothers stepped into the wall of light, through the portal and onwards to this new world. The elder brother doing so with the philosophers stone, the most powerful magical thing that existed hidden in his pocket, a final gift given to him by Ebony, his lost love. He would use its power to do great and terrible things.'

'What happened after that?' Luke asked eagerly. 'What happened in the new world?'

'That my sweet boy' Aunt said caressing him tenderly, 'is a story for another time.'

'Do you think we could travel to other worlds?' Cam asked her. 'It would be so exciting, and so fun.'

'You both still have your whole lives ahead of you' Aunt said kissing him on the forehead. 'There is so much that you could do, and don't forget' she said turning to Luke and giving him a kiss also, 'I will be watching over you both. Always.'

She let go of them, rising to her feet.

'You must go home now. Your mother will be wondering where you are.'

'But we want to stay with you' Luke complained.

'And I want to stay with you too' she said adoringly, 'but I must leave. There are things I have to do.'

'Awwww' Luke whined.

'Run along now' Aunt said, ushering them away. 'Off with you.'

Cam ran to her, jumping up to give her one last hug before they parted, Aunt held him back, kneeling so Luke could hug her too.

'I love you boys' she whispered to them. 'You know that?'

'We love you too' Cam said. 'Don't we Luke?'

'Yeah' he answered. 'We do.'

Aunt opened her eyes wide at this in surprise. She smiled then, squeezing them one last time.

'Off with you now' she said sounding a little choked. 'Hurry along.'

'We'll be back' Cam told her. 'We'll look for you.'

'I'll be here for you when you do' she said to them. 'Now go.'

'You'll tell us the rest of the story next time?' Cam asked her. 'Wont you?'

'Of course. Now go already' she laughed.

Luke waved back at her as they went, hurrying to run after Cam as they made their way back home towards the palace.

'Bye children' Auntie whispered, waving slowly after them.

Cam and Luke returned quickly to the catacombs, diving into the river.

When they emerged, they saw with shock and horror that their mother was waiting for them, standing in the catacombs beside the river, right there as they surfaced.

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