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   Chapter 25 No.25

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'Do you think we are in danger?' Daizel replied.

'We are always in danger' Solomon answered, grabbing a bottle and rising to his feet.

He moved across the room, taking a deep swing.

'You are right that we still have to be careful' Daizel said. 'It's not only the queen we are fighting against, but the right hand, the other side of the council.'

'We struggle on' Solomon sighed, gazing out of the window. 'The fight never ends…but…' he brought the bottle to his lips, smelling the sweet scent and staring at his own reflection before him. The clouds in the sky outside were thick and heavy, the world was dark. 'We've taken a step forward' Solomon continued. 'We have to fight to hold our place.'

'We've taken over some authority within the palace' Daizel agreed. 'This place is quite comfortable' he smiled at their surroundings. 'I could get used to it.'

'Well just don't let your guard down' Solomon warned. 'You do that, you die. Remember…' he swirled the contents of the bottle, lifting his heavy eyes, 'attack first, or be attacked.'

'What about the boys?' Daizel asked.

Solomon pursed his lips. He hummed thoughtfully.

'They are still young' he said quietly. 'We still have time.'

'Their mother will get in the way' Daizel said.

Solomon gripped the bottle tighter in his hand. 'We still have time' he said again.

The very next morning at the earliest possible opportunity, the boys woke and left the palace, before their mother had a chance to stop them.

They ran to the catacombs, entered the river and resurfacing on the other side. Changing into the dry clothes they had left out on the rocks and running quickly across the beach in their haste to meet her. When they saw Auntie they slowed to a stop, smiles wide upon their faces as they panted heavily from their excursion.

She beamed back at them, her mask held in a hand.

'Good morning boys.'

They ran to her, embracing her tightly.

For hours they played in the tree house they had finished building the day before. Cam climbing dangerously high in the tree, from below Auntie kept a close eye on him in case he was to fall. Luke on the other hand who was a poor climber, stayed close to the ground where it was safe.

When the boys grew tired they sat down to rest, each sitting either side of Auntie, her arm resting around each of them.

'Mother wants us to stay in the palace' Luke was saying. 'She's sure to fine out soon we're leaving.'

'I know' Auntie replied sombrely.

'How?' Cam asked her.

'I can see it in your faces' she replied vaguely.

She giggled at them then, snuggling them and squeezing them closer to her.

'Would you boys like to hear a story?'

'Yeah' the

y both said at once.

'We love stories' Cam beamed.

'Once upon a time' the beautiful woman began, 'in a place far away from here, there lived two brothers, like you' she said to the boys, giving them both a tight hug. 'Except these brothers weren't twins. But they were special, because they had magic.'

'Magic' Luke repeated. 'It would be fun to have magic' he gleamed.

'It would indeed' the beautiful woman said nuzzling him. 'Now these brothers, they had no father, and their mother didn't care for them. They only had each other.'

'Like us' Cam spoke up.

'That's right' the beautiful woman smiled. 'These brothers had nothing, but each other and their magic. Now they didn't know it at the time, but there was another magical being that was near them, a powerful being far stronger than either of them, but despite her powers, she was unable to use her magic.'

Luke fidgeted next to Auntie, playing with his shoes as he listened, but never taking his eyes off her face.

'This magical being' the Auntie went on, 'was a being called a philosophers stone, the most powerful magical thing that existed in that world. She was being hunted by two different groups, magical beings like the brothers, but older, wiser and more experienced. One group wanted to save her, the other group wanted to harm her, and use her powers for their own. You see, the only way to use the power of a philosophers stone to their full extent, is to kill them. And so, the philosophers stone, this powerful girl, was forced to flee, always running, never resting…'

'How can you use the powers of a philosophers stone if they are dead?' Luke asked her.

'Because when they die' Aunt explained, 'their bodies fade away, leaving behind the piece of them that makes them powerful. A bright pink stone; a thing in which their power resides.'

'What does reside mean?' Cam asked her.

'It means to live in a particular place' Aunt said, 'to be present in.' She breathed a sigh of contentment, hugging them closer to her. She continued with her story.

'This philosophers stone, her name was Crystal, and she dressed all in white. There was another philosophers stone also; one dressed all in black, her name was Ebony. Now these brothers' she said, returning to the point, 'they always felt out of place in their home, in their world. They had abilities, magical powers that few others possessed. They kept them secret always, no one else knew of them, besides very few, and only those who shared powers like theirs. One day' she went on, 'one of the brothers was injured. He had to be taken away to be healed, and so the other brother was left on his own for a short time, and that's when he met her.'

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