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   Chapter 24 No.24

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'It's ok though' Auntie said. 'You can see me whenever you want. I will always be here when you come looking for me. Always.'

'Do you live near here then?' Cam asked her.

Auntie hesitated; then smiled again. She simply ruffled his hair.

'Come on' she said. 'Let's finish building this tree house.'

It took several more hours to finish what they had started. It wouldn't have taken so long, but they were having so much fun along the way, stopping every few minutes to mess around and play their games. But at long last, the tree house was complete.

'There' Auntie said, straightening up and grinning widely.

'It looks great!' Luke beamed, jumping up and down excitedly.

'I can't wait to come back here tomorrow' Cam said, clambering awkwardly onto the tyre swing and rocking back and forth. 'I wish we had time to play today, but it's starting to get dark' he noticed with regret, looking up at the sky. And then he gasped, suddenly realising. 'It's starting to get late' he repeated more urgently.

Luke beside him had stiffened; the brothers exchanged a nervous glance.

'We had better go back' Cam said tentatively, getting off the tyre slowly.

'Will you be here tomorrow?' Luke asked her.

'Of course' Auntie said kneeling and embracing Luke, then Cam in turn. 'Hurry home boys' she whispered. 'I will see you tomorrow.'

'Bye' Cam said meekly at her.

'Bye' Luke echoed.

They turned from her and ran away, back down the cliff and across the beach, moving as fast as they could and heading back to the catacombs. One after the other they jumped into the river, resurfacing again when they were back inside the palace.

The moment they passed inside its walls, their moods changed. Their home was not the same as it was before, everything felt different after the council had moved in. While the boys still did their best to avoid everyone besides their mother, her handmaiden and Sylvia, the strangers were still around. Each time they came home, the boys were reminded of their presence, everyday.

Today they saw him, Brioke, the man who had stared at them the day before, the man that had frightened them so. He only passed by them, but both boys noticed his stare linger on them just a little too long. And then he was gone

Luke unconsciously clung onto Cam's arm.

I don't like him' Luke whispered. 'Let's go back to our room.'

Cam turned to him. 'Yeah.'

They moved quickly through the corridors, keeping their heads down. When they opened the door to

their bedroom, they found their mother waiting for them, lying back on one of the beds resting. She sat up when they entered.

'Where have you boys been?' she asked exasperated. 'Where do you keep going?'

Cam and Luke both averted their gaze, staring at the floor. Miranda narrowed her eyes suspiciously.

She rose to her feet, gliding forwards and towering over them.

'You two have been up to something' Miranda said with a sneer on her lips. 'Where have you been?'

'Nowhere!' Cam shot.

'Don't raise your voice to me' Miranda spoke dangerously. 'And you're lying.'

'No' Luke answered feebly. 'We're not.'

Miranda tutted, simply moving past them as she headed towards the door. 'I want the both of you to stay here in this room until the morning. That dam council….' She grimaced, sneering and baring her teeth in silence. She left without even bothering to finish her sentence.

The boys watched their mother as she went, leaving the door open behind her.

Luke moved towards it, closing it quietly. He turned to Cam who watched him uncertainly.

'I don't like this' Luke said to him. 'Cam…I'm scared.'

'Me too' Cam said, his voice wavering.

Luke buried his face in his hands, crying suddenly.

'Luke?' Cam worried. 'Luke. What's wrong?'

'I….' Luke sobbed. 'I miss father!'

Cam felt tears prickle in his own eyes at this, he watched as his brother cried.

'Luke' he said, grasping him by the shoulders and shaking him. 'Please don't…we have to be strong….it's what father would have wanted…'

'I wish he was here now' Luke whispered. 'Why…why did he have to die?'

'I don't know' Cam said, holding his brother close. 'I know it's not fair, but we can't change what happened.'

'Why did father have to die?' Luke asked hopelessly, 'why couldn't mother…why couldn't mother…'

Cam's eyes flashed. 'Don't say things like that' he snapped. 'Don't…'

Luke cried openly now, hugging his brother tightly as Cam held him too, blinking furiously, trying his hardest to fight back his tears.

'Things are different now' Cam told Luke, his voice trembling. 'Things…are never going to be the same again.' He squeezed his brother tighter, eyes wide and unblinking then as he drew a slow breath. 'We have to be strong…'

Solomon leant back in his chair, sighting contentedly.

'You seem happy' Daizel replied.

Solomon sat forward suddenly, resting with his arm against the table before him.

'Things are going well' Solomon said, 'but we have to be careful.'

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