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   Chapter 23 No.23

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''Any ideas?' Malvery prompted.

'Jump?' suggested Frey. 'There's no way they'd be stupid enough to follow us.'

'Yeah, we'd certainly out-stupid them with that plan.' Malvery rolled up his sleeves. 'Fine. Let's do it.''

Lucas smiled, resting his cheek on his closed fist. He turned back towards the monitor, and watched.

Interlude end

'How do you travel so fast?' Luke asked her.

'I have special abilities' Auntie whispered to him, lifting his chin with a hand and caressing his cheeks tenderly. 'Maybe one day I'll show you, maybe…when you're a little older.' Her hand went to Cam then, ruffling his black hair affectionately. 'I can't wait to see you boys all grown up' she gleamed. 'You're both going to be so handsome; all the girls will be fawning over you.'

She straightened.

'Come with me' she said. 'I've got more fun things we can use to build the tree house. That's what we're going to do today. Won't that be fun?'

The boys bounded after her, moving a short distance away towards the tree she had picked out, a sizable tree set apart from the others that grew nearby. Around the bottom of the tree were piled a variety of different materials, rope, lengths of wood, a hammer and a box of nails, corrugated iron and more tyres.

Auntie put down the tyre she carried as the twins began to run around the tree, eyes and hands roving all over the materials before them, picking them up eagerly and examining them. Auntie grabbed one of the twins, Luke who happened to be the one passing her by at that time, and gave him a squeeze. Luke squealed and giggled and tried to squirm away. Auntie only began to tickle him even harder. Cam leapt at her from behind, jumping up and hugging her around the shoulders as he pretended to attack her, roaring furiously as he did. Auntie laughed out loud, dropping Luke who landed on his feet, and reaching over her shoulder to try to reach Cam. She grabbed him, pulling him around her body and holding him in her arms.

She stared down at him, Cam stared back at her, gazing at the large round eyes in her mask, the windows, and seeing only his own reflection gazing back at him. The mask was black like the rest of what she wore, the beak protruding far, her black hood raised and hands covered by black gloves.

Auntie put Cam down slowly; he never took his eyes off her, as she placed him to stand next to his brother.

'Why do you wear that mask?' Cam asked her.

'This?' Auntie said, hand touching the beak lightly. 'I…' she began. 'It's just what we


'What do you look like underneath?' Luke asked her. 'We want to see.'

Auntie hesitated; the boys watched their own reflections in the windows as they waited for her response.

'Please?' Cam begged nicely. 'We're really curious. We want to see what you look like.'

'Alright' Auntie relented. 'I'll take this off.'

She took the gloves off, one after the other, then lifting her hands she lowered the hood. She touched a hand to her mask, fingers splayed over the face, and removed it slowly, slipping it back over her head.

Cam and Luke both gasped slowly at the sight of her, unable to tear their eyes away.

She was beautiful.

Her features were dramatic, striking, spectacular. Perfect. Her skin was flawless, eyes large and lips full. Not a single hair was out of place.

She was almost, too perfect, almost as if she had been designed, created by the very gods themselves.

Both boys smiled as Auntie breathed a sigh of relief, blinking slowly.

'That's better' she said. 'I can see you both clearly now.'

They spent the rest of that day building the tree house together. Auntie helped the boys, and the boys helped her. They worked for hours without rest, but did not go hungry. Auntie had lots of food with her, food they had not seen before, food she had brought with her from her home, so she claimed. It was delicious. Both boys enjoyed it; they finished off every morsel with Auntie's help. Afterwards, the three of them sat for a while at the base of the tree, staring out over the cliff at the gentle sea beyond, listening to the cry of the seagulls. Auntie lifted her head, resting back against the trunk. Above their heads, she saw something different, a bird like the others, but much larger, with narrower wings. It was an albatross.

'I like this world' Auntie said, breaking the silence. 'It's…so beautiful.'

'I wish you could stay here' Luke said to her. 'I love being here with you.'

'Me too' Cam said. 'Why can't you stay?'

'Oh you boys' Auntie sighed. 'I would love to…'

'It would be so much fun if you could live in the palace with us' Cam said. 'There's plenty of space.'

'I can't' Auntie said mournfully. 'I am not……I don't belong there.'

'Why not?' Luke asked sadly. 'We love having you here.'

Auntie stared at Luke for a moment, before sighing happily, smiling at the boy. 'I doubt your mother would let a stranger just move into the palace. It…wouldn't be right.'

'I…suppose you're right' Luke said regretfully, slumping back against the tree.

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