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   Chapter 22 No.22

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She gave them both a quick hug, squeezing them tightly as they hugged her back.

'Now go' she said straightening up and turning to drift away. 'Your mother will be wondering where you are.'

The boys both watched her go reluctantly, wishing she would stay, wishing they could spend just a little longer with her. But they knew they had to go home eventually, and so they turned their backs and headed down towards the beach, and to the river that ran beneath the wall and through catacombs.

'Where the fuck are those boys?' Miranda snapped.

'I don't know your majesty' her handmaiden Clara bowed submissively as she hurried after her.

'This is most concerning indeed' Miranda muttered beneath her breath. 'The bloody council is invading my very home…I need to keep those boys closer to me from now on…they may be in danger…' she halted suddenly, hand going to her forehead, brow wrinkled. 'I need to think…' she hissed between her teeth, '…in need to think…' She grimaced suddenly, as if she were in pain. 'Where are those boys?'

She found them several hours later sitting in their room, acting as if they had been there all along.

'Where were you?' Miranda growled at them the instant she saw them there, storming in and slamming the door behind her. 'I was looking for you both for ages.'

'We were…' Luke began, still a little startled by her sudden appearance. 'Umm…we were…'

'Playing hid and seek' Cam finished.

The boys shared a brief glance, before looking back at their mother.

'Well that's not obviously a lie' she snapped, hands on her hips. 'Boys I need to tell you something. From now on you need to stay close to the palace and never leave, and stay away from the council members….no…even the soldiers that protect the palace. Remember that from now on you can trust no one, no one besides myself, my handmaiden and Sylvia, your governess. Do you understand me?'

'Yes mother' the boys echoed, speaking mechanically.

Miranda leant forward, placing a firm hand on each of the boy's shoulders and gripping firmly, until it hurt them.

'We're living in dangerous times' she spoke to them in a whisper. 'We have to be careful. All of us. Do you understand? We can trust no one.'

'Yes mother.'

'Never let your guard down' the queen narrowed her eyes. 'They are all our enemy; they are all willing to hurt us. Protect yourselves, and be strong.'

Chapter Five

In the days that followed, the twins would see more and more of the council members wandering through their home. And heeding their mother's word, they

kept well away from all of them, running the opposite direction the moment one of them would appear, even the guards, who had before been nothing to the boys but interesting decorations now made them uneasy.

The truth was, they were scared.

The way their mother had grasped their shoulder so tightly, the urgency in her voice and the way she spoken with her eyes wide as if she were afraid, terrified them. They had never known their mother to be afraid of anything, but she certainly was now. They could see it, plain as day. Though she tried her best to hide it.

But they forgot their fears, each time they left the palace to see her.

'Auntie!' both boys cried, running into her open arms.

She embraced them lovingly, snuggling into them and holding them tenderly, like a mother would do, in a way their own mother had never done.

'Hey' Auntie whispered excitedly from behind her plague mask. 'I have a present for you both.'

'What is it?' Cam and Luke asked excitedly in unison.

Auntie skipped away happily, moving behind one of the rocks where she hid the present. She pulled it out to show them, and Cam and Luke stared at it in surprise and confusion.

It was a car tyre, though they had never seen such a thing before.

'What is it?' Cam asked.

'We're going to make it into a swing' Auntie replied in a sing-song voice.

'Yeah but…what is it?' Cam asked again, still curious. He reached out and poked it, then squeezed the rubber between his fingers. 'It feels weird' Cam said, as Luke reached out to do the same.

'It…' Auntie hesitated; then smiled again behind her mask. 'It's a special thing' she replied simply. 'I got it from a special place.' She hugged the tyre, bouncing on the spot happily in a childish manner. 'You boys are going to help me built a tree house!' she giggled. 'That's where I got this from' she explained, 'a tree house building shop……a long way from here.'

Interlude start

Lucas laughed out loud, Auntie and the adorable twin boys showed clearly on the monitor before him.

'What are you laughing at?' Reuben asked him, glancing up from his book from where he sat nearby.

'This one' Lucas indicated the masked figure on the screen, 'just look at her.'

Reuben put his book down, tilting his head up at the monitor. 'She does love those boys doesn't she? It's a shame she can't have any of her own.' He lifted the book again. 'She would have made a wonderful mother.'

'How's the book?' Lucas asked him.

'Really funny' Reuben answered. He scanned the pages reading out loud.

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