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   Chapter 21 No.21

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'Are you ready?' Lucas asked his brother.

'Yeah' Reuben nodded.

They both lifted the plague masks to their faces. The masks they wore were both identical. Black with a long beak like a crow's, and large eyes like glass windows, behind which nothing could be seen, only what was reflected.

'What a strange tradition we eight have' Reuben commented, glancing at his brother who was now indistinguishable from him.

'It sure is' Lucas agreed. 'Now let's go.'

Interlude end

Miranda stared down at the small man, trying to fight back the sneer on her lips. Behind her, her handmaiden Clara stood obediently with her head down and her hands folded before her.

'You held a meeting without me?' Miranda demanded of the council member, as others behind him filled wordlessly out of the new council chambers. She had chosen to speak to this one in particular, because he was one of the youngest.

'I'm sorry' Percival said without sounding sorry at all. 'But we had some important matters that needed to be discussed right away.'

'You held a meeting' Miranda repeated stubbornly, 'without me.'

'Without trying to be blunt' Percival said, 'what good is it to have you present anyway? You have not authority or power in any decisions; it wouldn't even be worth voicing an opinion.'

'I am the queen!' Miranda said, raising her voice now. 'If something is going to be changed anywhere I want to know about it. This is still my kingdom. From now on, I want to be included in every meeting.'

Percival narrowed his eyes, making a shape with his mouth as if thinking hard how best to respond. He decided that appeasing her would be best, at least for the meantime.

'As you wish my queen' he bowed.

He was interrupted then by his servant, a young boy who hurried up to him, cheeks flushed and panting as he had run up several flights of stairs to find his master.

'What is it boy?' Percival spoke harshly to him.

'My lord' the servant puffed. 'Did you want all six chests to be brought to your room?'

'I already said yes didn't I? Now hurry up and get the job done. I need those chests; they have all my books in them.'

'And why are you moving in?' the queen asked him as the servant boy scurried off again, still panting.

'We told you we had to be close to the palace now' Percival replied. 'What better idea than to live at the palace itself?'

'You're staying for a long time then?'


There is a lot of work to do' Percival replied with a glint in his eyes that Miranda didn't like. 'You knew about this already.'

'But I didn't think it would happen so soon' Miranda spoke flatly.

'And what better time than the present?' Percival replied, giving the queen a smile that made her want to stab him in the face and wipe that grin off for good.

The queen didn't even bother trying to make the effort at courtesies anymore. She had grown tired of these false manners long ago, had grown tired of pretending to care. Instead she turned on her heel and stormed off, muttering a single word under her breath.


'So where do you live?' Luke asked.

'My home' Auntie smiled behind her mask, 'is a very long way from here. If you were to spend your entire life walking, you would never reach it, not if you lived for a thousand million years. Not even if you lived forever.'

'Is it really that far away?' Cam gasped in wide-eyed awe.

'Yes' Auntie nodded.

'What else?'

'Well' Auntie thought aloud. 'It's large, and beautiful. Everything is perfect, not a single grass out of place, every tree is where is should be, the sky is always clear.' Auntie smiled kindly. 'It never rains' she continued, 'it's never too hot or too cold, but perfect all the time.'

'It sounds really nice' Luke said quietly as he held her hand. Cam on her other side held her other hand, and the three once again walked slowly across the cliffs that overlooked the beaches.

'Does your family live there?' Cam asked her.

'My family?' Auntie repeated curiously. She hummed thoughtfully to herself, letting go of the boy's and turning to sit upon one of the rocks. 'I suppose you could call them my family, though we are not related by blood. There are eight of us in total, including myself.'

They spent hours that day simply talking with Auntie, getting to know her better, as she had gotten to know them the day before. But the sun was late in the sky, and the boys knew they had to go home soon.

'You'll come back here wont you?' Auntie asked them. 'You'll come back again to see me.'

'Will you be here waiting for us?' Luke asked her.

'Yes' Auntie whispered. 'I will always be here if you come looking for me. Just wait and I shall appear.'

'Do you promise?' Cam spoke.

Auntie leant forwards, placing a gentle hand upon each of their heads.

'I promise' she breathed. 'Always.'

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