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   Chapter 20 No.20

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Cam slid to a stop suddenly, causing Luke to run into the back of him. Cam grabbed Luke's arm to support him, and the two stared up at the man who glared down at them both.

He was a tall muscular man in his thirties. His fine clothes didn't exactly fit his build; Cam thought briefly he would be far better suited wearing armour. The man had a piercing stare, and a frightening demeanour.

Cam couldn't help himself shrinking slightly back from him, behind him he felt Luke do the same.

The man didn't move. He didn't react in any way, only continued to stare.

After a few seconds passed, Cam straightened up, drawing a deep and steady breath.

'Who are you and what are you doing here?' he spoke bravely.

The man didn't answer, he continued to remain still. Then a voice from around the corner called out.


Another stranger appeared, a man, this one slightly younger and leaner. His fine clothes seemed to suit him far better than the ones the man that stood before them wore.

'Oh' the younger man said approaching them. 'It's the young princes. Hello. Good morning' he smiled. 'I wasn't expecting to see you today. What are the odds of running into you in a big palace like this? My name is Saidear by the way. I am one of the left hands of the king.'

Cam and Luke watched the younger figure with silent suspicion. The both of them tensed suddenly as several more male figures appeared from around the corner a short distance away, all similarly dressed in the same fine and expensive looking clothes.

'What's going on here?' Cam spoke out loud as the small crowd passed them, heading into one of the rooms nearby. 'Who are you all?'

'We are members of the council' Saidear replied, smiling and placing a hand respectfully over his heart as he bowed low to the boys. 'You will be seeing a lot more of us I'm afraid' he said. 'Since your father….' He broke off with a sad smile. 'We will be doing the work he left behind.'

'Why can't mother do it?' Cam demanded.

'It is not proper for a woman to do such work' Saidear replied.


'Well…' Saidear replied uncertainly, 'because…she's a woman.'

'That's stupid' Cam answered shortly.

Saidear smiled again. 'Stupid' he nodded in agreement, 'but that is the way it is. Now you must excuse us.' He bowed again before speaking to the older man that stood beside him, who had not said a single word, but had continued to stare. 'Come on Brioke. There's much for us to do.'

Brioke's eyes lingered for a few more seconds on the boys, before he turned away i

n silence, following the younger gentleman down the corridor and through the door.

'What was all that about?' Luke mumbled, standing behind his brother and grasping onto his shoulders. 'That man was scary.'

'Yeah' Cam agreed. 'He was.'

Cam turned back to Luke, grabbing his arm and running with him. 'Come on, let's keep going.'

They entered the catacombs; leaving behind some of the clothes they had brought with them, and swam up the river as they had the day before, breaking the surface once they passed the wall, and entering the outside world once more.

It was another beautiful day. The sky was clear, the sun shone brightly in the early morning, and though the water was cool it was not chilly enough to be uncomfortable. Cam and Luke placed the rest of the clothes they carried upon the rocks to dry.

The boys ran side by side across the beach, their warm bodies quickly heating their clothes, and by the time they met her again, they were almost completely dry.

'Auntie!' both boys cried running to her.


She knelt as they drew closer, catching them both in a tight embrace.

'Have you boys been good?' she beamed at them from behind her crows mask.

'We're always good' Luke smiled.

'No no' Cam argued. 'We're always bad. Remember?'

'Oh you boys' Auntie giggled, hugging them again tightly. 'You're both so cute!'

Interlude start

From the control room, Lucas watched. Standing before the monitor with his coffee in his hand, he stared.

'What are you doing?' he spoke to the woman on the screen, though she couldn't hear him. He took another sip of his coffee. 'Auntie.' He smirked, shaking his head.

'Are you alright Lucas?' another figure asked approaching him.

Lucas half-turned to the man behind him. His brother Reuben.

'Yeah' he said turning back to the screen.'

'What's she doing?' Reuben asked, leaning upon the controls and staring at the monitor before them.

'Beats me' Lucas shrugged. 'She seems to be getting very attached to those boys.'

'Hm' Reuben said. He straightened. 'Want to visit a world with me?'



Lucas hesitated for a moment. 'Sure' he answered after a time.

He put his coffee down on the controls before them.

'Let me just get my stuff.'

Lucas went into the other room, taking his long black hooded cloak, one of many hanging up upon the wall, and his gloves also, putting them both on. Beside him Reuben was doing the same, raising his hood over his head. Every inch of their skin was covered now, besides their faces.

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