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   Chapter 19 No.19

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'You should speak with the council' Clara said quietly. 'They are waiting for you.'

Miranda smirked again. 'So, it's already begun' she whispered. 'Already they are preparing to claw at my throat and fight for the power my husband left behind. If only that power fell to me…but…' she huffed miserably, shaking her head. 'I wish I had been born a man.'

She rose to her feet, placing back on her head the beautiful blonde wig, covering her natural uneven black hair she had cut short herself. She then slipped the long gloves back on. The gloves reached far up her arms and past her elbows. They hid the scars well.

Miranda straightened, staring at the mirror before her.

'They call me queen' she said to her reflection, 'yet I am nothing without a husband.'

She left the room to make her way onwards marching down the corridor, dread filling her with every step as she drew closer. Clara remained in the room left behind, waiting patiently for her mistress to return.

Miranda walked up and down several flights of stairs before reaching the tall double doors that led to the new council chamber.

She stopped before them, her face inches away from the wood.

She drew a deep breath, placing her hands upon the handle, and pushing the doors open.

The eyes of the council members within all turned to her at once, and whatever discussions they had been having quickly subsided.

'Your majesty' one man spoke up. 'We've been waiting for you.'

'What's the meaning of holding a meeting so late and with so little warning' the queen demanded, 'and who said it was acceptable for you to use the palace as a place to hold council?'

'There is no one suitable to ask' one man leant forwards. 'The king is dead. There is no authority over us now.'

Miranda did not miss the jibe.

'It is imperative that we hold this meeting' another man spoke as Miranda closed the doors behind her and made her way to the only empty seat left now at the circular table. 'We have many important matters to discuss with you.'

Miranda sat carefully in the high-backed chair, leaning back with a hand resting on the dark wood of the table before her.

She surveyed the men around her.

The council consisted of two sides. The right hand of the king, and the left hand of the king. They were advisors, and helped the king deal with many of the problems that arose with ruling a kingdom. One hand managed the people, and everything related to 'home', the other hand dealt with all foreign affairs, such as the army and keeping peace with neighbouring kingdoms.

Neither side had any clear roles or motive. They were grey.

The right hand of the king, was a group that

comprised of twenty one members, they were partly religiously motivated, and slightly stronger than the group of men that made up the left hand of the king, which comprised of nineteen members. They two sides of the council were made up of mostly old men, but here and there; Miranda could you younger faces staring back at her.

Miranda cast her eyes over them, taking in each detail of their faces, remembering every single one of them. She felt knowing them was more important now than it had ever been.

Know your enemies Miranda thought, the only good advice her parents had given her before shipping her off to marry her husband. Know your enemies, and trust no one.

All forty members of the council were here, with the queen here now, that made forty one people within the hall, and yet not a single sound could be heard, not even a breath or a rustle of clothing.

Miranda drew a heavy sigh, waiting for the first man to speak.

'I think we'll get right to the point' Sulley began. 'We're all very busy and I'm sure there are other places we'd rather been. My queen' he said, turning to her. 'We've come to the decision, and I'm sure we all know that it's the best thing to do, after all…with the way things are going…'

'Get to the point' Miranda said flatly.

The man looked irritated that he had been interrupted, but Miranda didn't care.

'We've come to the decision, that the queen' he spoke to her as if she weren't there, 'cannot rule on her own. Her sons the princes are far too young to rule, and so we've come to the decision, that such a thing now falls into the hands of the council. We will fill the empty space the king has left.

'You made this decision without me?' Miranda asked.

'It was the best thing to do' Mellor told her firmly, speaking in support of Sulley. 'We have much work to do. From now on, members of the council will be living in the palace, just to help run things, and for simplicity's sake. After all' he said, 'a woman cannot rule alone.'

So, Miranda thought bitterly, her mind drifting to thoughts for her children who where fast asleep in their beds, it has already begun…

Chapter Four

The next morning the twins woke early, long before the sun had risen. They scattered down the corridors eagerly, running side by side as they headed towards the catacombs, bringing with them several changes of clothes, some to leave in the catacombs, some to leave outside on the beach. They hadn't expected to run into anyone, other than the occasional statue-like guards who blended in so well with the walls around them. They had run down several flights of stairs, before meeting their first stranger that day.

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