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   Chapter 16 No.16

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'Can we come and see you again?' Luke asked her.

'Of course' Auntie replied, glowing with joy. 'It would be a pleasure.'

'How will we find you again?' Luke voiced.

'I will be watching over you' Auntie replied, cupping his face. 'If you come searching for me, then I will find you.'

She gave both boys a tight hug, before letting them go again.

'You had better run off home' she said. 'Hurry now, the both of you must be starving, you haven't eaten all day.'

It was only then, that both boys realised how hungry they were.

'Mother said she would be waiting for us in the evening for a meal' Cam prompted. 'We shouldn't be late. She might not like it.'

'Alright' Luke nodded. 'Goodbye Auntie. It was nice to see you again.'

'I'll see you boys next time' Auntie said to them from behind her mask. She rose to her feet, gazing down on them. 'It was so good to see you both' she said. 'Don't forget' she added turning away, 'I will be watching over you…'

She glided away and out of side, slipping behind a rock and vanishing.

The boys lingered where they were for a moment, watching the spot she had vanished.

'Come on' Cam whispered to his brother urgently. 'Let's go.'

Luke made to follow Cam as he ran back across the cliffs, pausing one last time to gaze after Auntie, before turning away.

They hurried along the beach and returned to the river that ran below the wall and through the catacombs, slipping into the chilly water and resurfacing once they were back inside the palace.

Cam helped his brother out of the river, pulling him to his feet. The two of them ran through the dark catacombs, entering the brighter halls within the palace. They traversed the many stairs, leaving behind them a damp trail as they went, heading back to their room to change into dry clothes quickly before heading to the dining hall to find their mother waiting for them.

'There you boys are' Miranda huffed, straightening slightly. 'I was beginning to think you wouldn't show up.'

She watched them closely as they padded slowly up to the table, each taking a seat side by side near their mother. Miranda watched them closely as they did so.

The food was already laid out on the table for them. A suckling piglet that had been slaughtered that morning especially for tonight sat on a large silver plate near them. It had already been cut into, and the smaller plates before the boys were already laden with other food alongside the meat, several different vegetables soaked in gravy with a cut apple on the side. And accompanying the meals

, sat a small glass of wine, one for each of them.

They began to eat, the food was still warm.

Cam thought for a brief moment that there was too much on his plate, despite being so hungry, he doubted he would be able to eat it all.

Beside him Luke glanced askance at their mother. She had already eaten and finished her own food, and was now watching them silently. The three of them where alone in the hall together, not even the queen's handmaiden was present at this time.

The hall around them was large and empty, save for the long table in the middle, and the massive burning hearth that crackled behind where their mother sat. On the other side of the hearth the kitchen could be glimpsed through the dancing flames. It was a large kitchen, like the hall. At certain times of the day was a hive of activity. Now it was deserted and dark.

Miranda watched her sons eat slowly. She sighed heavily; then she yawned.

'Did you have fun today with whatever you got up to?' she asked them.

The boys hesitated, glancing at each other, reluctant to answer.

'Well?' She prompted.

'Yes mother' Cam answered.

'Hmm.' She rose to her feet, hands down upon the table. 'You'll go straight to bed after this' she spoke firmly to them, 'won't you.'

It wasn't a question.

'I don't want you leaving the palace in the middle of the night' she continued. 'Visit your father's grave if you must, but I don't want to find you out in the freezing cold again, do I make myself clear?'

'Yes mother' both boys mumble to their plates.

'Good. If I do find you doing that again…or anything else equally as stupid, I'll make you wish you hadn't.' She took her hands from the table and strode away without another word, sighing heavily, taking her wig and gloves off as she made her way to the door. She snapped it shut behind her.

'I'm feeling really tired' Cam said to his brother when silence rang in the hall.

'Me too' Luke grumbled, poking his food with his fork and chasing it in circles around the plate. 'We should go to bed after this' he said mournfully. 'I don't think either of us has had enough sleep.'

'I think you're right' Cam murmured. He sipped a bit of wine. It tasted good.

The twins ate the rest of their meal in silence, before pushing their plates away and heading back to their room.

Exhausted, they climbed into bed, and were asleep in seconds.

Miranda stomped heavily up the stairs, holding the banister with one hand; with the other she held her wig and her long gloves, swinging them back and forth as she walked.

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