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   Chapter 15 No.15

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Auntie hesitated then. 'Well' she began; 'there are a lot of things I know' she finished vaguely. 'How could I not know about you young princes?'

'We thought for a minute' Cam began, 'that we wouldn't find you.'

'Oh don't you worry' Auntie squealed happily, pinching his cheeks. 'You'll find me if you look for me, because I will be watching over you.'

'Like a guardian?' Luke spoke up.

'Like an angel?' Cam added.

Auntie turned to each of them. 'Yes' she smiled behind her mask, 'exactly like that.'

A short time later, and the three of them were walking along the coast, Auntie holding each of the boys hand in her own.

'Go on' Auntie was saying. 'Tell me more about your father.'

'He had a wicked sense of humour' Cam gleamed slyly.

'He was always kind' Luke voiced.

'Would always play jokes on us' Cam added.

'Do you remember the time he was reading us a bedtime story when we were younger?' Luke asked Cam.

'Yeah' Cam replied, tensing slightly at the memory. 'I think he must have been getting bored with the story he was reading' he said with a slight smile.

'Why do you say that?' Auntie asked them.

'Because he started changing the story halfway through' Luke told her. 'We were first hearing a story of a girl going to school for the first time, and the next thing we knew, she was running for her life! She was being chased by horrible things…with massive teeth and huge eyes!' Luke let go of her hand to make chomping motions with his arms, snarling as he did so, pretending to be one of the beasts in the story.

'We were a bit younger then' Cam explained, 'and we were getting so scared. And then he started screaming.'

'Your father started screaming?' Auntie echoed.

'Yes' Cam nodded.


'We thought there was a monster under the bed that started to eat him' Cam replied sullenly. 'The book he was reading flew out of his hands, and he was being pulled under the bed……or at least that's how it looked at first…but he was just pretending.'

'I was so frightened' Luke said holding himself.

'You started crying' Cam smirked.

'Did not!'

'Did too!' Cam snapped back.

'Boys please' Auntie chuckled, stroking each of their heads tenderly to try and calm them. 'Be still.

The boys sighed, relaxing again.

'Do you remember the time we slid on a mattress down the stairs with father?' Luke asked Cam.

'Or that time it snowed and we each made a

snowman of ourselves' Cam grinned back.

'Inside the palace' Luke added.

'And built a snow fortress.'

'Inside the palace.'

'And had a snow fight.'

'Inside the palace.'

'It took us ages to carry all that snow' Cam beamed, 'but it was so cold inside that it didn't melt.'

The two giggled together, thinking back to those fond memories, back to better times.

'Do you remember when he let us wear that massive suit of armour?' Cam asked his brother.

'That was so much fun! I had to stand on your shoulders remember?'

'The balance…' Cam began.

'We fell over.'

'A lot.'

'Remember how father laughed at that' Luke sighed. 'It was so heavy.'

'Well we'll both grow into that suit of armour one day.'

They both looked up at Auntie then.

'We'll be as tall as you one day' Cam said to her.

'Taller perhaps' Auntie replied, and they could hear the smile in her voice as she spoke.

'It makes me sad' Luke mumbled. 'I…I wish father could have watched us grow up…it would have…been nice…'

A silence passed between the boys, a silence in which their spirits dampened slightly.

'I miss him' Cam said miserably.

'Does it feel good to remember him?' Auntie asked them both.

'It does' Cam replied, 'even though it makes me a bit sad…I still can't believe he's gone sometimes.'

'Remember his life' Auntie told them, 'not his death. Just remember, that he's not really gone. He will always be in both of your hearts. He wants you to live a happy life.'

'Is he watching over us like you are?' Luke asked her.

'Yes' Auntie nodded, smiling warmly behind the mask, 'only…in a different way.'

'Will we ever see him again?' Cam asked sullenly.

'Yes' Auntie nodded again. 'He is waiting for you, you will see him again when you are old and grey and have lived a long and happy life.'

'Do you think we will?' Cam asked her. 'Live a long and happy life?'

'My dear boy' Auntie knelt before him, holding his face in her hands. 'I am sure of it.'

The sun was beginning to set now. The boys had spent the entire day near enough outside the palace, walking slowly up the beach, along the valleys and open plains upon the cliffs. For hours and hours they had talked with Auntie, telling her all they could about themselves, their past, their desires, hopes and fears. And in that short time, Auntie had learnt more about the boys than their own mother had in all their lives.

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