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   Chapter 14 No.14

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'Why are they looking for you?' Lucas asked curiously. 'What have you been doing in that world?'

The woman's brow knitted together in annoyance, and her head snapped towards him.

'Where is your brother?' she asked suddenly. 'Why don't you go find your brother?'

'I don't know where he is' Lucas droned.

'Why not? You two are pretty close.'

Lucas scowled at her, his expression that of disgust and annoyance. 'He's my brother' Lucas said. 'We're not bloody married.'

'I just thought that you might leave me alone.'

Lucas tutted, taking a sip of his coffee before speaking again.

'I called you in here as a favour' he spoke in a bored tone, 'and now you're trying to get rid of me? That's the thanks I get…'

The woman didn't answer; her eyes were glued to the two boys on the monitor.

Lucas glanced towards her.

'Why do you care so much about those boys anyway?'

'Because!' she snapped, stubbornly. 'Because…' she repeated, quieter now. She breathed a heavy sigh. 'I am unable to have children of my own…as you know…and thanks for bringing it up' she glared at Lucas as if it were his fault.

Lucas opened his mouth to speak, but decided against it.

'It all sort of happened by accident' she went on. 'I was just visiting a world, and they appeared suddenly…and when I spoke to them…' her eyes grew distant, 'they made me so sad……their father had just died, their mother they said doesn't really care for them…'

'Well' Lucas said casually, lifting the mug to his lips again, 'life isn't easy…'

'They need someone' she said, 'someone who really cares for them.'

'Why?' Lucas asked. 'My brother and I never had decent parents. We never knew our father and our mother…she thought we were mutants, just because we could use magic.' He sipped his coffee some more. 'Life's a bitch hu?' he said carelessly.

'And they're twins' she added, 'which makes them even cuter' she continued, as if she hadn't heard Lucas speak. Or perhaps she was trying her best to pretend he wasn't there.

She straightened suddenly, her resolve clear.

'I'm going to see them' she said. 'Where's my cloak and gloves…? Have you seen my mask?' she glanced about her as if they might suddenly appear. 'Oh dam. Where did I put them?'

'There's something I've been meaning to ask you' Lucas spoke up.

'Oh yeah?' she scowled. 'What's that?'

'How did your original body die?' Lucas asked her.

She narrowed her eyes, gritti

ng her teeth in annoyance.

'None of your business' she spat, before turning on her heel and marching away to find her mask, cloak and gloves.

'You'd better hurry' Lucas called after her. 'Auntie.'

The woman paused, glaring back at him furiously. Even though she was angry, she still looked beautiful, just like the seven others who lived here with her.

Lucas smiled to himself as she marched out the room, turning back to the screen before him, where the twin boys ran back and forth, looking for 'Auntie'.

Lucas glanced up them, lifting the mug to his lips.

'They will never know your real name' he said. 'None of us will know the name your mother gave you…it's been so long…you've even forgotten it yourself.'

Interlude end

'Maybe we should wait here?' Luke suggested when they had searched for a long time. 'In case she turns up. I don't want to go home yet anyway.'

'Me neither' Cam agreed. 'I want to stay out here as long as possible….but…' his hands went to his stomach. 'I'm getting hungry.'

Cam sat down upon one of the rocks; his brother came to his side, perching on the edge beside him.

'We should bring some food with us next time' Luke suggested. 'We could sneak into the kitchen and take whatever we want.'

Cam instantly lit up at this. 'That's a great idea' he said eagerly. 'We could stay out for even longer….what's that?' he suddenly tensed, hearing a strange noise he couldn't identify.

Beside him Luke had frozen. The two listened silently, hearing the faint sound of movement from nearby, what seemed to be footsteps treading lightly on the gravel. And then a figure came around one of the rocks, pausing as they saw each other.

It was the same figure as the one before, with a long black cloak, black gloves and a crow's mask that covered the face. But like the day before, the boys had learnt that more than one figure like this existed, and they could not be sure if it was the one they sought, until she spoke.


She knelt with her arms open, and the boys both slid off the rock, running towards her without hesitation and hugging her tightly as she wrapped her arms around them, as if she had known them their whole lives.

'It's so good to see you again' she cried happily, squeezing them tightly one last time before letting them go.

'We were looking for you Auntie' Luke beamed up at her.

'I know' Auntie replied.

'How did you know?' Luke asked her.

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