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   Chapter 13 No.13

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'The truth is…' Luke went on, 'I've been thinking about her.'

'I've been thinking about her too' Cam said eagerly, leaning against the edge of the bathtub towards Luke. 'I want to see her again……I want to see Auntie.'

Luke smiled at him, like Cam his spirits had lightened too. He leant back in the bath, staring up at the ceiling.

'Who do you think she is?' he asked Cam.

'I don't know' Cam replied. 'But I'd love to find out.'

'I think she's very interesting and so mysterious' Luke was saying. 'Like a character out of those stories we used to hear. Do you remember?'

'Yeah' Cam said in a distant voice. '…I remember.'

Both boys left their baths when the water began to cool. They changed quickly into the dry clothes that had been left out for them and left the room, returning to their own bedroom they shared. They walked down the silent and dark corridors quietly, each holding the others hand as they moved down staircase after staircase. When they finally reached their own bedroom, they found that a servant had lit a fire in the hearth again, and the room was already warm, hot even.

The boys let go of each other's hand.

'I wonder what time it is' Cam whispered, moving over towards his bed and leaning on the windowsill, staring out into the still night beyond the glass. The stars shone in the clear sky above their home, and below in the city around them, nothing moved.

'I don't know' Luke whispered back, padding across the floor towards his own bed, 'but I bet it's late.'

'We'll get up early in the morning' Cam said back to him, as Luke climbed beneath the sheets and lay down to sleep.

'Yeah' Luke said, as Cam too lay down to rest. 'Before the sun rises.'

'Goodnight brother' Cam said to him, snuggling up into his pillow.

'Goodnight Cam' Luke replied, closing his eyes.

The two were fast asleep in minutes.

They woke early the next morning, as they had the morning before. But this time they did not sit together on Cam's bed to watch the sunrise. Instead they both changed quickly into their day clothes, ready and eager to leave the palace. Though neither had had much sleep, both felt wide awake and ready to face the world.

Both were excited at the prospect of searching for the masked stranger again. If they were lucky, they might actually find her.

'Do you think mother's awake yet?' Cam asked.

'No' Luke shook his head. 'She gets up early but not usually this early. I doubt we'll run into her.'

'What if she's coming to check on us?' Cam worried.

Luke took his hand. 'Well then we'd better go quickly then. She did say we could do whatever we wa


Cam's face broke into a wide grin, and for a while he forgot their sadness, feeling only the pure and innocent joy derived from the type of mischief that only children got up to.

'Right' he said, nodding eagerly and grasping Luke's hand in return. 'Let's go.'

The boys ran quickly through the palace, down the many many stairs as they headed towards the catacombs again. The few guards they did pass they completely ignored, and who completely ignored them in return, as ever wearing distant expressions with eyes glazed over.

The boys entered the catacombs, plunging into the icy river that ran below the wall, swimming towards the freedom of the outside world beyond the palace.

'We should really bring some spare clothes down here' Cam shivered as Luke trudged towards him, shoes soaking wet and sloshing with each footstep. 'And some spare shoes' Cam noted.

'Good idea' Luke replied, his teeth chattering as his whole body shook. 'I know they'll get wet if we bring them here, but they'll dry in no time if we leave them in the sun, and will be ready for us, dry and clean next time we need them.'

'Next time' Cam patted his shoulder, straightening up. 'Let's go.'

'Do you think we'll really find her again?' Luke asked, suddenly a bit doubtful. 'What if she was only passing by? What if she doesn't come back?'

'Well, nothing's lost by trying' Cam replied confidently. 'Now hurry up, let's go find that cave. We can get to higher ground through there.'

Interlude start

Lucas entered the room carrying a mug of coffee. Lucas was a tall character, with jet black hair swept back and pretty blue eyes. He was incredibly handsome, just like the seven others who lived here. As he had matured, he had grown ever more glamorous, like his brother. It was one of the reasons he had been chosen, like his brother.

He was only passing through this room as he headed to the kitchen to make himself something to eat. It was large room, with many monitors. He paused at one of the screens, seeing two young boys whom he had learnt were both aged seven, running across a beach. He watched them for a moment as they entered a cave, climbed into a tunnel that opened out onto the cliffs above the beach, where they began wandering around. He realised suddenly by their actions that they were searching.

'They are looking for someone' Lucas realised, speaking aloud.

He turned and called a woman's name. The woman appeared seconds later, rushing up to the screen eagerly.

'I think they're looking for you' Lucas said.

'Oh' the woman said, holding her hands over her heart. 'Those poor babies.'

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