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   Chapter 12 No.12

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Miranda's hand lowered from her mouth and she gathered herself, drawing a deep and steady breath.

She stepped upon the pedestal which encircled the tomb, ascending slowly one step at a time. She reached a hand out to Luke who was nearest her. His skin was icy cold to the touch.

'Luke' she whispered to them, shaking them gently. 'Cam.'

The boys both opened their eyes, blinking up at their mother wearily.

'Mama?' Cam groaned, pushing himself up.

Miranda wrapped her arms around Luke, lifting him carefully from atop the tomb and holding him close to her. She turned to the soldier behind her, handing Luke over to him. The soldier took the boy in his arms and Miranda turned back towards Cam, lifting him too.

'You're freezing' she whispered down to him.

Cam silently looked up at his mother with pleading eyes.

'Stupid boy' she uttered, moving away from the tomb and walking back to the palace.

Following her was the soldier carrying Luke.

As they entered the palace once more, Miranda ascended the many steps, passing one of the servants by chance, and ordering her to go ahead of them, to run a bath and heat the water hot, ready for the boys. It took them so long to get there, that by the time they did, the servant had already done what was asked of her, she and the several around her.

Miranda was exhausted after walking so many steps, and carrying the boy. She placed Cam down on the ground, the soldier behind her placed Luke down too.

'Out!' Miranda ordered. 'Now! All of you.'

The soldier bowed his head mutely, following after the servants as they all filed out of the room; he closed the door after him, leaving the queen alone with her sons.

'Hurry up and get undressed' Miranda said to them.

The boys hesitated. They stood before her shivering violently, hunched over and hugging themselves. Their cheeks were red and their lips were blue.

'Quickly!' Miranda ordered, clapping her hands to make them hasten.

The boys then swiftly obeyed.

The instant the boys dropped their last garment, Miranda went over to Cam and picked him up, lowering him into the wooden tub that was filled with warm soapy water, sitting by the fire. She then went over to Luke and did the same, placing him in the water in a second wooden tub a few feet away.

Luke sat back in the water, continuing to shiver for a few more seconds, before his body began to relax.

Miranda knelt beside the bath, leaning with her arms resting on

the edge. She stroked Luke's face briefly with a fingertip, glancing back at Cam to see how he was doing, before returning her attention to Luke.

'I'm sorry for what happened' she said to Luke, Cam listening closely behind her. 'Truly I am. It was unfair, unjust. You did not deserve to suffer such a loss. Neither of you did' she said, turning towards Cam again.

She rose, moving away from Luke, and kneeling beside Cam.

'I know you both loved your father very much. But you must move on. He is gone, and he is never coming back.' Miranda sighed then, pursing her lip and biting her cheek as Cam stared silently back at her. 'I won't make you sit anymore lectures. If you wish to be left alone to deal with your grief, then I will respect this need.'

'Do you really mean it?' Luke spoke up from behind her.

'Yes' Miranda glanced towards him, before facing Cam again. 'You can do whatever you wish, as long as you promise to stay safe.'

'We promise' Cam mumbled. He kept his head down, but his demeanour had instantly changed at hearing this.

'Good.' Miranda leant forward, holding Cam and kissing him on the forehead. 'Finish washing' she said to them, 'then go to bed. I don't want to find you sleeping outside like that again. Do I make myself clear?'

'Yes mama' both boys echoed.

'I expect to see you tomorrow evening at mealtime. Before that, do whatever you need to do to keep yourselves happy.'

She rose to her feet.

'I am going back to bed' she said. 'I expect the both of you to do the same after you've washed. There are fresh clothes for you both on the side' she indicated a table. 'Goodnight, and behave yourselves.' She swiftly left without another word.

When their mother had gone, Cam hugged himself.

'I was so cold….'

The water he bathed in was warm, and he had heated up considerably now. The proper colour had come back to his cheeks; and he looked healthy again as he relaxed in the water.

'Do you think she means it when she says we can do whatever we want tomorrow?' Luke asked him.

'I don't know.' Cam turned to face his brother, hugging his knees to his chest.

'We should test it, to see if she means what she said.'

'What do you mean?' Cam asked him.

'I think…' Luke spoke slowly, 'we should leave the palace early tomorrow morning, like we did the today. I want to see if we can find that lady again. The one dressed all in black.'

Cam suddenly lightened at this, excited at the prospect.

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