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   Chapter 11 No.11

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She came to the room the boys shared, opening the door quietly and peering in.

She could see little in the room itself. The fire the servants had lit had burned out now, and the cold was creeping slowly back into the room.

Sylvia left the door ajar as she stepped forwards, moving closer towards the beds. She moved to one of the beds first, seeing with shock that it was empty. She patted it down in the dark to make sure, but there could be no mistake. The other bed when she checked was empty too.

The boys were not here.

'Luke! Cam!' Sylvia called. Her response was only the echo of her own voice bouncing back at her, in the cold stone room. Then silence.

She instantly ran to the queen's room, stumbling up the stairs in the dark as she hurried on. When she reached the large wooden door she banged loudly on it, calling out for the queen.

Seconds later, the door was opened by the queen's handmaiden.

'I'm sorry to bother you' Sylvia huffed, still out of breath from the excursion of running up so many flights of stairs.

'What is it Sylvia?' Miranda asked in irritation.

From where she stood, Sylvia could see past the handmaiden, the queen sitting up in bed, rubbing her tired eyes.

'Why do you wake me so abruptly at this hour?' Miranda asked as her handmaiden held the door mutely. 'What time is it?' she asked off-handidly. 'Gods is that the time?' she said seeing clearer now as the tiredness left her, the large clock which sat above the door in her room. 'What do you want?' she huffed.

'The boys' Sylvia panted. 'They are not in their rooms.'

Miranda didn't move.

'Neither of them? That's a stupid question for me to ask' she interrupted herself before the governess had a chance to speak. 'Those boys are always together.'

'We should look for them' Sylvia suggested.

'I'm sure they're fine' Miranda said dismissively, lying down and pulling the blankets back over her. 'They can look after each other and themselves.'

'They are not themselves at the moment' Sylvia argued. 'They've just lost their father. Who knows what they are thinking or what they might do. They could hurt themselves, by accident…or on purpose…'

Miranda lay on her side, staring wide-eyed at the wall before her, Sylvia's words slowly sinking in.

The whole palace was roused then. What few guards could be called at this hour were summoned to the palace, the servants also, each running up and down the corridors and the many stairs as they searched every room for the two young princes. The entire palace was lit up in the dead of night, every fire

in every room was lit, the glow from outside could be seen in the dark for miles around.

Two hours later, at three in the morning, the boys still had not been found, the many servants and few guards said that they had feverishly checked every room for them, and unless they were hiding or ignoring their calls, the boys were not in the palace.

'What do we do?' Sylvia worried. 'Where could they have gone?'

Miranda frowned, still wearing her nightdress and ignoring the chill of the night, the draft howling down the corridors. She turned her back on the others, head bowed in thought. Several servants, her handmaiden, Sylvia and a small handful of guards waited for her next command.

Miranda ignored them all.

Where could they have gone? She thought to herself. Where? Where?

And then she gasped suddenly as it hit her.

Miranda stiffened; body suddenly tense.

'Your majesty?' a soldier nearby spoke up uncertainly. 'Are you well?'

Miranda turned to him, for a moment lost for words.

'Come with me' she said to the soldier at last, marching briskly away, though she didn't say where she was heading, she walked with purpose.

'Should we follow too your majesty?' another soldier spoke up as she went.

'No' Miranda replied, 'that is not necessary.'

'Where are you…?'

'It's ok' the queen replied, pausing only briefly to speak to Sylvia. 'I know where they are.'

Miranda left the palace, escorted only by the single guard she had ordered to follow her. The others she had dismissed, every last one of them, and all the lights in the palace were one by one put out.

Miranda led the way, guided only by moonlight as she entered the garden at the back of the palace grounds.

Above them the sky was clear, and no clouds were visible in the cosmos, only a blanket of stars. Without the clouds to keep in the warmth, the temperate plummeted, and as Miranda walked there was mist upon her breath. Even the guard behind her, a strong and burly man, began to shiver in his armour.

Soon enough the queen found what she was looking for, and although she found what she had expected, the sight still pained her to see.

She drew a shuddering breath, tears welling in her eyes. She blinked repeatedly to keep them back before they could fall.

Before her stood the tomb of her deceased husband the king. Lying on top of the tomb fast asleep, despite the bitter chilling touch of the stone they lay on, were her two sons, her boys. Luke and Cam lay side by side on top of the hard tomb, each with one arm laid across the other. They did not stir.

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