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   Chapter 10 No.10

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They came to the tomb, a great slab of grey stone that sat upon the earth. Here is where the king lay to rest. Here is where their father would sleep forever.

Sylvia let go of the boys and they moved close to the tomb, descending upon it. Luke let out a sob, resting his arms against the side of the tomb as he leant into it. Cam came up beside him, holding his brother by his shoulders in a tight embrace. But neither could he keep the tears from their eyes.

'It's not fair' Luke sobbed. 'It's just not fair…'

'Why was he buried out here' Cam asked Sylvia, 'why not in the catacombs with the other kings and queens, with our grandfathers and grandmothers?'

'Your mother ordered for him to be buried here' Sylvia told them. 'He is here because she made it so. She did not want him to be buried in the dark, but to have the light shine upon him every day.' She gazed down sadly at the twins. 'It was what he would have wanted.'

'I'm glad' Cam whispered, not trusting his voice to speak. 'I would rather see him here under the open sky, than to spend forever existing in the dark.'

'Come on' Sylvia whispered gently to them, taking them carefully by the arm and pulling them away. 'We should go inside. It's getting cold out here.'

The boys were led back inside and taken to their rooms. It was dark at first when they entered, and it felt so cold and empty. Sylvia ordered a few of the servants (when she eventually found them) to light the hearth and bring more blankets for the princes, which they did. Once the women were gone and the boys were alone, everything became quiet again.

'I don't feel well' Luke grumbled.

'Are you sick?' Cam asked him.

Luke turned away, brushing the tears away with his sleeve. 'No' he whispered. 'I'm fine…'

He moved across the room before Cam could comfort him, dressing quickly and slipping into bed.

Cam lingered where he was for a moment longer, before following suit.

It was still chilly in the room, even with the burning fire.

Cam climbed into his bed, hugging the sheets to him and shivering, they were freezing. It took several minutes for him to warm up, and as he gazed about him at the room, a thought came to him then. He had never noticed until now how large all the rooms in the palace were, how empty and echoing and cold they felt.

Cam let out a heavy sigh, turning over to glance at his brother who lay still in bed with his back to him, seemingly fast asleep.

But Cam knew he couldn't be asleep yet, he knew his brother would be too uneasy to give up to his dreams. Cam turned back over, and did the same as Luke. He lay there with his eyes closed, trying har

d not to think of their father, and how much they missed him.

Late in the night, Sylvia sat before the burning hearth in her room and stared at the book she held. She had picked it up in the first place only to occupy herself, and to keep her mind busy. But as he eyes ran down the page following one line at a time, she realised after a few seconds that none of it had sunk in. She returned her attention to the top of the page and read the whole thing again.

Seconds later she closed the book, giving up altogether any thoughts of distraction as her mind returned to worry.

She had never been close to the king, and his death had little effect on her.


The look on the boys faces when they approached the tomb…the way they had hugged the cold hard stone, had sobbed into it.

It was…

It was…

'Heartbreaking' Sylvia whispered.

She bowed her head, wishing there was something she could do.

'Those poor boys. What a terrible thing to happen to ones so young.'

She lifted her head, staring up at the clock that sat atop the mantelpiece, ticking away.

It was midnight.

The fire in the hearth continued to crackle low. A howling wind blew from one of the windows, and the chandelier that hung on a long black chain above her head rocked back and forth slightly.

It was too quiet, too quiet and lonely in the small room that was her sleeping quarters. The shadows above always clung to the ridiculously high ceiling, the black chain of the chandelier blending with the darkness, making it look as if the chandelier was floating.

Sylvia looked up at the shadows above her as the glass beads of the chandelier tinkled together as a light breeze rocked them. That always made her feel uneasy, as if some foul spirit lived within her room to haunt her, its home somewhere in the shadows above her, always watching over her.

Sylvia sat back in her chair in listless silence, hearing the unsettling wind around her.

An hour later, and the fire had burned down to embers, glowing red.

She looked at the ticking clock. It was one in the morning.

She didn't want to sleep, so decided suddenly to check on the boys. They would surely be fast asleep by now, but she couldn't get them out of her mind, couldn't stop thinking about them.

'Just to see if they're alright' she mumbled to herself rising.

The book slid from her lap and fell to the floor. She left it where it was, making her way to the door and leaving her room. She wandered the dark and lonely corridors, seeing not a soul in sight. The palace was not guarded during the night she knew, perhaps she thought, that was not such a good idea.

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