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   Chapter 9 No.9

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'That wasn't a very smart thing you did' she said rising from the bed she had been lying on. It appeared as if she had fallen asleep there, having perhaps waited a long time.

She rubbed her eyes as she straightened up.

'Where did you go?'

The boys didn't answer, only hung their heads, diverting their attention away and clinging close to one another.

'I think the both of you need to learn a lesson in proper behaviour' their mother continued. 'Your lessons with the governess have been extended. You will spend the rest of the day with her studying; then you will go to bed. Is that clear?'

'For how long?' Cam dared to ask.

'Until I say otherwise' their mother answered shortly.

A short time later, and the boys were sitting side by side at the table in the study, their governess Sylvia sitting before them. The boys would often sit through lectures; these were held several times a week. In these lectures they would learn how read and write, they would learn new and complex words every day, and learn the history of the kingdom, their fathers kingdom, and the names of all the important lords and ladies, and who knew who blah, they would learn of science and alchemy blah, and how numbers worked together blah, they would learn about breeding and nature blah blah, and why certain insects chose certain flowers to visit blah blah blah and how their habits blah helped spread the growth of flowers blah and blah and crops which were blah by the peasants and how the food produced blah blah blah was distributed throughout the blah, to all corners of the blah, from the lords to the blah, right up the chain until it reached the plates of the royal king and blah, and that is how the bread that blah and blah they would receive got to their table this morning. Not that either of them ate it. They were too busy trying to escape lectures like these. Unfortunately, it had caught up with them.

'Uuuuuhhhhggg!' Luke fell forwards on the table, his face hitting the open book before him.

'Luke, please sit up' Sylvia said patiently.

'But this is so boring!' Luke declared loudly, his voice muffled by the pages of the book, his nose squashed against the paper as he sat there, arms limply hanging by his side.

'Oh come on Luke' Cam said beside him, shaking him by the shoulder. 'It's not so bad.'

'This is bad' Luke said dramatically, rolling his head over to face his brother, but not lifting his head off the pages. 'This is terrible…'

For the briefest of moments the boys had been happy, but now trapped within their palace home, they felt only sorrow.

'I like it better outsi

de' Luke mumbled, pressing his hands upon the table and sitting up with a groan.

'What boy?' Sylvia asked him. 'Speak up.'

'I said' Luke spoke harshly, 'I like it better outside.'

'It's not safe outside these walls' the governess replied softly to him, 'especially not now that your father is gone.'

'Where is he gone?' Luke asked her sullenly.

'To another place' Sylvia answered.

'That doesn't answer my question' Luke glowered at the books on the table before them.

Sylvia had been attempting to teach them about the Great War, sparked by religious conflict a long time ago, a war which had lasted a hundred years, a war in which many people had perished in the thousands.

'Why don't you know where people go when they die?' Luke asked the governess.

Cam glanced up from his book as Luke spoke.

Sylvia let out a deep sigh, leaning forward on the table with her lips pursed. 'I'm afraid' she said, 'nobody knows where you go.'

'But why?' Luke demanded with voice raised. 'So many people have died already' he said staring down at the picture in the book before him, a picture of a mounted soldier decapitating a man fleeing on foot. Many other bodies had fallen around the feet of the mighty stallion.

'So many people have died in the Great War' Luke spoke in a distant voice, 'but no one knows where they go when they die……why is that?'

'I'm sorry for what happened to your father' Sylvia spoke softly. 'It was a terrible tragedy.'

'It's not fair' Luke whined. 'It's just not fair…' he bowed his head, blinking back tears. Beside him his brother watched silently.

'I want to see him' Luke spoke up after a few seconds. 'I want to see where he is buried.'

'I don't know if that is such a good…'

'I want to see him' Luke repeated loudly, lifting his head with tears in his eyes. 'I want to see my father.'

Sylvia gazed at the boy sadly, feeling sorrow in her heart.

'Alright' she submitted. 'I will take you to him.'

They left the study behind them, walking down several flights of stairs; they exited the palace through a door that opened out onto a small balcony. From this balcony was another set of narrow stairs that led to the garden below them.

Sylvia walked through the gardens at the back of the palace, holding each of the boys hand in hers as they made their way forwards. The sky above their heads was beginning to darken now as the sun dipped towards the horizon, the garden around them was eerily still. Nothing within it moved, not a single branch of the trees or a blade of grass, there was not a soul here at this time, save for the three.

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