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   Chapter 8 No.8

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Further at the back of the cave they found it, a narrow tunnel that led back to the surface, to a grassy place on the cliffs that overlooked the beach. They were still small enough to fit through the gap, and so made their way onwards. When they reached the opening at last, Luke hauled himself out of the tunnel, turning back to help Cam. They straightened, breathing the fresh air again and feeling the sunlight in its full upon their faces.

They made their way around the large rocks just jutted out of the ground around them, heading into the open where great plains rolled on and on for miles, where wild horses ran and magicians lived and travelled the roads in secret. Or so they liked to believe. It had always been a dream of theirs to one day find one, and though it wasn't a mage they found that day, it was just as exciting a find for them.

Rounding one of the rocks and stepping out into the open, Cam suddenly drew back sharply, pulling his brother with him back behind the rock.


'Shhh' he hissed at him, putting a finger to his lips.

The two leant around the rock again, peering at two figures that stood before them.

The two figures where both identical, except for height. Both were clad all in black, hooded, with even their hands covered by black gloves.

Cam furrowed his brow, daring to lean forward to get a better look. The two figures stood very close, the taller leant forwards towards the other, who remained still. They appeared to share a kiss. The taller figure that had moved leant back, then tensed suddenly, noticing Cam and Luke leaning out from behind the rock.

Cam gasped, hiding behind the rock again beside his brother.

'Who's there?' came a male voice.

'What is it?' added a female voice, the shorter of the two figures. 'Did you see something?'

Cam leant around the rock again, daring to look. He saw both hooded figures lifting masks to cover their faces, before raising their heads again. The masks they wore were both identical. Black with a long beak like a crows, and large eyes like glass windows, behind which nothing could be seen, only what was reflected from the world.

'A boy?' the female figure said. 'Two boys' she added, as Luke peered around too, 'two cute boys. It's ok' she spoke kindly leaning forward with her hands on her knees, coming to their level. 'You can come out, we won't hurt you.'

Cam and Luke stepped tentatively out from behind the rock.

'Aren't they adorable?' the female figure spoke back to the male figure behind h

er, turning to him briefly before looking back. 'And you're twins! That's even more adorable! Come closer children. It's safe, I promise.'

Cam and Luke moved slowly towards the figures, sticking close together as they did.

'Aren't you the sweetest things?' the female figure said to them, falling on a knee so that they could see eye to eye.

Cam could hear the smile in her voice.

'And what are your names?' she asked them.

'I'm Cam.'


'Ooohhh' the female figure squealed in delight. 'I just want to dip you both in chocolate and eat you!'

'Please don't eat us' Luke mumbled.

'Who are you?' Cam asked her.

'Who me? You can call me….Auntie.'

The male figure behind her tutted, his body language seemed to disapprove, he seemed to be annoyed.

'We should get back' he told her shortly.

'You go on ahead' she waved dismissively at him without looking. 'I'll catch you up later.'

The male future turned and stormed off immediately without pause, disappearing behind one of the rocks and out of sight, they did not see him again.

'And where do you boys come from?' the female figure asked them both eagerly.

'From the palace' Luke mumbled.

'Do you live their?'


'You're princes?'


'Two little princes' the female figure gleamed behind her mask. 'How delightful. And what are you doing all the way out here on your own?'

'Playing' Cam said.

'Exploring' Luke added.

'Oooohhh, that sounds so exciting! But where is your mother, does she know you're out here alone?'

'Our mother doesn't care much for us' Cam grumbled. 'We only see her sometimes.'

'So who looks after you?' the figure asked.

'The governess' Cam said.

'When we were younger it was the nursemaid' Luke added. 'But most of the time we just look after ourselves.'

'What about your father?' she asked them.

'He…died….' Cam mumbled at his feet, 'recently….' He sniffed.

'Oh you poor babies' the figure cooed. She reached forward to embrace them both, but far from being alarmed by this, it felt comforting, and each of the boys held her back instinctively.

'I'll look after you both' the figure said to them, holding them close. 'I'll be here for you.'

Chapter Three

The boys returned home hours later, creeping along the silent corridors, moving swiftly and quietly so as not to be noticed.

They had hoped things would remain this way, and that their absence would be overlooked. But when they returned to their room, they found their mother was waiting for them.

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