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   Chapter 7 No.7

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'I don't know' Cam replied. 'But that makes the beach all ours.' He smirked. 'And I like it that way.'

'Hey why don't we see if we can find that den we made in that cave?' Luke said turning to Cam. 'Do you think it's still there?'

'Probably not' Cam shook his head. 'The sea would have washed the sand walls away a long ago.'

'Awwww' Luke groaned. 'That took us ages to shift.'

'The cave will still be there though.'

'Do you think we could find it again?' Luke asked dubiously. 'It was a bit of a long way out, and hard to find….and all the rocks look the same.'

'We've got time' Cam waved nonchalantly. 'We've got all day, and if we don't find it today, we can always come back and look for it tomorrow.'

'If mother hasn't stopped us going' Luke grumbled.

'How is she going to stop us?'

'She might block the catacombs' Luke said to him.

'Then we will climb through the window' Cam nudged him.

'That sounds dangerous.'

'Come on' Cam said shoving him playfully now. 'Let's go.'

'Wait!' Luke called after him. 'Wait for me!'

Cam didn't slow, instead he ran faster, moving dangerously quick across the jagged rocks with extraordinary agility, and laughing as his brother struggled to keep up behind him.

'I said slow down!' Luke gasped, coming to a stop and panting minutes later, leaning against one of the rocks for support.

'Slow down?' Cam echoed returning to his side. 'Maybe you should speed up.'

Luke smiled weakly at him. 'You know I'm not as fast as you' he sighed, straightening up.

'Hey' Cam smiled patting his shoulder. 'I think I found the entrance to that cave. Look' he pointed. 'It's right over there.'

Luke leant forward, hand shielding his eyes as he squinted across the field of rocks, struggling to see.

'It all looks the same' Luke said.

'It'll become clearer when we get a little closer' Cam nodded. 'It's defiantly there, though I doubt anyone else could find it. It is such a secret place after all.'

They made their way onwards, together meandering slowly over the rocks and to an unremarkable spot, one easily overlooked amongst the field of jagged pinnacles enveloped with dried seaweed and limpets.

'I can't believe you found it' Luke was saying, bending down to gaze down the hole with a hand upon the roof of the cave.

'I had a general idea where it was' Cam told him smugly. 'After you?'

Luke glanced at him, giving him a smirk before making his way forwards, crouching low beneath the low ceiling. They were ab

le to stand tall again once they had reached further inside the tunnel.

'Careful' Cam hissed, grabbing Luke's arm as he stumbled.

'It's this dam seaweed' Luke huffed, rubbing his palm he had stuck out to break his fall. He had grazed it slightly. 'I wish we had a burning torch' he was saying. 'Then we'd be able to see.'

'We'd never be allowed to carry such a thing' Cam told him. 'And anyway, how could we get it out here? It would get soaked by the river then we could never use it. Now come on' he encouraged. 'Let's keep going.'

They moved further down the tunnel until they found their den. Small holes in the rock in the ceiling above them let in tiny spots of light, keeping the cave from being in total darkness.

'Do you remember this thing?' Cam said to his brother, lifting a stick that rested at the back of the cave and holding it like a staff.

It was a thing that had once loved, back in the days they used to come to this den regularly. Having stolen a small knife from the kitchens, they had made little carvings into it, and after that tied seashells all around it so that when it shook, the seashells rattled. Like an instrument.

'I can't believe it's still here' Luke said taking it from Cam and running his fingers over the wood. 'It feels so strange to hold it again. Hey' he glanced up at Cam, instantly forgetting the stick. 'Do you want to see if we can find that other tunnel again?'

'You go first' Cam offered, as Luke propped the stick against the cave wall, leading the way.

It was precarious. Water dripped on their heads from the roof of the cave, and the walls were slimly with algae.

'Careful you don't slip' Cam hissed to Luke as he shuffled forwards. 'And don't touch the water. You don't know what's in there.'

Luke paused, turning back to him. 'Don't try to scare me.'

'It's only the truth' Cam waved at him defensively. 'Do you remember that time we were swimming in one of the rock pools and that eel went up your leg?'

'Now don't tease me!' Luke scowled. 'I thought you had forgotten about that anyway.'

'Oh Luke' Cam grinned, reaching forwards and patting his brothers head heavily. 'I'll never forget the way you squeaked.'

'Shut up' Luke cried indignantly, slapping Cam's hand away. 'Just don't tell anyone ok!'

'I promise' Cam said showing his hands. 'Cross my heart.'

Luke turned away from him sulkily, continuing to crawl forwards, with Cam shuffling after him, biting his lip and trying his hardest not to laugh.

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