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   Chapter 6 No.6

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She sighed wearily, turning and walking away. She went back to her room hidden deep within the tall palace, sitting by the glowing fire in a comfy chair with a book upon her lap.

'Poor boys' she spoke tiredly to herself, before opening the pages of her book and beginning to read. 'It's not fair that you should have to suffer like this.'

Cam and Luke reunited in the catacombs a short time later, breathing heavily from their excursion and grinning at the sight of each other.

'That was a close one' Luke sighed heavily.

'Yeah' Cam beamed back at him, 'we almost got roped into a whole day of boring studying.'

'Why do we need to know all that stuff anyway?'

'I suppose it's important to know when we grow up' Cam said. 'It's not all good being a prince you know?'

'I suppose, we've still got a lot to be thankful for.'

'What do you mean?'

'Well….how many other people get to live in a palace?'

'Good point' Cam smirked back. 'And no one is allowed to tell us off.'

'Except for mother.'

'Yeah but we hardly see her.'

'And that's a good thing.'

'Yeah' Cam nodded. 'Now come on' he said. 'I hate these dark caves. They scare me so much.'

'Is that why you've never gone down into the prisons?' Luke asked him, 'because you're scared?'

'Don't tell me you're not scared of that place too' Cam said angrily. 'Just the thought of that place…you know the stories father used to tell us…'

'Yeah' Luke admitted. 'They were like horror stories.'

'I don't ever want to go down there' Cam told him, 'I heard screams once…' he trailed off, falling silent.

'Hey Cam' Luke said after a time, as they made their way forwards through the dark. 'Why wasn't father buried here?'

Cam pulled back hesitating.

'I don't know' he said. 'Maybe he hated this place, like I do.'

'I don't like it either' Luke admitted. 'I'd hate to be buried underground in a place like this….in the dark….I'd like to be buried next to father when I die… the sunlight….'

Cam took his arm gently as they went. 'Come on' he spoke softly. 'Let's go.'

They walked carefully through the dark, following a tiny stream that ran through the catacombs underground. Their only light came from a single tiny window built high up in the room, through which shone the suns golden rays.

The stream the boys followed grew wider the further they walked, and by the time they reached the wall from which the stream ran beneath, it was dee

p enough to swim through.

'Do you want to go first?' Cam asked.

'I always hate this part' Luke muttered under his breath. 'The water's always so cold.'

'I know, but it's only for a moment.'

Luke braced himself, slipping into the water and gritting his teeth against the chill, instantly beginning to shiver violently.

He took a deep breath and slipped beneath the surface, disappearing from sight. Cam waited for a moment, before following after him through the water. He drew a deep breath, and plunged into the river, swimming upstream and following the river bed. He was a strong swimmer, but the current was gentle. The outside world was right before them, just on the other side of the wall within their reach.

On the other side Luke broke through the water, gasping and feeling the fresh air on his face. He climbed out of the rocky pool, turning and helping Cam out of the water as he surfaced behind him. Cam ran his fingers through his black hair, sweeping his fringe back and out of his face. He began to shiver too.

'It's ok' Cam said to Luke. 'The sky is clear, it's going to be a good day today; we'll dry in no time.'

'I hope so' Luke replied, taking his shirt of and squeezing the water from it before putting it back on again. 'I hate feeling cold and wet. It's so unpleasant.'

'It's been so long since we've been out here' Cam said happily, throwing his arms out and holding them there, as if waiting for the sun to dry his sleeves. 'Where should we go?'

'It's been so long since we've been out here' Luke said, 'it doesn't matter where we go.'

'You're right' Cam said lowering his arms again. 'Let's go there' he said pointing in a random direction and setting off. 'Come on!'

'Hey wait for me!' Luke called after him, balancing precariously on the uneven rocks as he meandered his way after his brother.

Luke jumped from the rocks and onto the soft sands, running after Cam across the open beach. They ran through the waves, splashing and wresting with each other in the water, before setting of again for the rock pools on the other side of the beach. The sand was warm at their feet, and the air felt fresh.

'I've always loved it here' Luke said as they slowed to a stop, panting heavily. 'I don't know why we ever stopped coming.' He turned in a full circle as he walked, taking in the open and deserted world around them. 'There's never anyone else here' he sighed content. 'Why is that?'

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