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   Chapter 5 No.5

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'Let's go now' Cam encouraged, 'before anyone can stop us.'

'You mean it?' Luke asked, becoming excited at the thought.

'Yeah' Cam beamed, leaping from the bed and heading towards the door, pulling his brother with him as he went. 'Come on!'

Cam opened their bedroom door a crack, peering out and grasping his brother's hand tightly. He first looked one way, and then the other.

'It's all clear' Cam whispered, stepping through the door and tugging his brother playfully after him. 'Come on Luke.'

They made their way quietly down the silent and empty corridors, pausing after a time only when they came across a guard stationed at one of the posts. There were always guards to be found throughout the palace, usually singularly, but in certain places like outside the council chambers and near the entrances of the palace, there were more. Mother had always told them they were there for their protection, each within calling distance of many others. If the boys were ever in any danger, they need only shout.

The guard they came to now regarded them with a glance of disinterest, only his eyes visible through all his armour. Even his hands were covered by heavy gauntlets, and the spear at his side was sharp. He looked menacing in his height and gold armour, standing by the window and glistening in the sun, like the still ocean on a clear summer's day. Cam hesitated as Luke made to run past, pulling him back before the soldier who watched them with a bored expression.

'Hey!' Cam smiled up at the stranger. 'You're big, you know that?'

The guard stared down at him in silence, not responding.

'Hey Luke' Cam gleamed at him, 'help me up.'

Luke crouched low so that his brother could climb onto his shoulders, rising unsteadily and wobbling as Cam began to straighten, grabbing onto the armour of the soldier before him for support.

The guard didn't move as Cam, helped by Luke crawled onto the guards shoulders and sat on his helmet. 'It's so high up' he sang happily. And then he noticed the feathers sticking out of the soldier's helmet, a beautiful turquoise plume from some exotic bird that lived far away. 'Hey look' Cam chattered, plucking one out after the other. 'We can have one each.'

He slid off the guards shoulders, tumbling awkwardly back down to the ground as Luke tried to catch him.

'Steady' Luke told him. 'I don't want to drop you.'

'Here' Cam said handing his brother one of the feathers. 'For you.'

'Thank you brother' Luke smiled taking it.

'And thank you' Cam said back to the guard. 'You've given us a great gift.'

The guard didn't answer, but simply stood there mutely.

'Come on' Cam said to Luke shoving his o

wn feather into his back pocket. 'Let's go.'

Luke followed after him, pocketing his own feather and setting off after his brother.

Behind them, the guard they had left behind gave a heavy sigh, his helmet now missing its feathers looked out of place. His eyes quickly glazed over as he returned to his daydreams.

Nine thousand and seventy two……….nine thousand and seventy three……I wonder what the wife's doing………probably still in bed….lucky thing………not that itch on my foot again…..god its hell…..I wish I could scratch it……

The boys made it to the front entrance of the palace, only to find it locked.

'Why is it locked?' Cam spoke aloud, tugging hopelessly on the great metal handles. 'It's never locked.'

'Don't they normally lock the doors after a funeral?' Luke offered. 'You know….if someone important….' He trailed off.

'Yeah I think you're right' Cam said letting go and turning to his brother as another thought struck him. 'The catacombs have that tunnel where….uh oh…'

The two boys suddenly straightened as they saw their mother approaching them, behind her walked another woman who was tall and skinny, with aged skin and grey hair pulled tightly back.

'Oh no' Luke whispered to Cam at the sight of her, 'not the governess.'

Miranda stopped before her sons.

'You should stay here for a while' she told the boys. 'The doors will be locked for a few days.'

They didn't answer.

Their mother glanced to the elderly woman behind her. 'Sylvia tells me you need to be kept busy today, and I'm thinking she's probably right. I know you were both very close to your father, and I'm sure this is all very difficult for you, and I want you to know that….' she sighed heavily then, rubbing her forehead wearily, not even bothered to finish her sentence. 'Just behave yourselves' she finished before striding off to do her own thing.

The boys watched her uncertainly, before they turned their attention simultaneously on the governess as she stepped forwards.

'I have some lessons for you today' the elderly lady said. It was the boys most dreaded sentence they were so used to hearing. 'To keep your minds busy, I thought we might look at the histories of the capitals again. We haven't yet spoken about the capital Bealcrest, and I thought that after that we could…'

'RUUUUNNN!' Cam cried unexpectedly bolting in one direction before she had finished her sentence as Luke bolted in the other direction, instantly obeying him without a moment's thought.

Sylvia stood there with her mouth still open in mid-sentence, facing only the air now. She heard two doors slam behind her, one after the other, the sound coming from opposite directions.

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