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   Chapter 4 No.4

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Her sons did not share her appetite however. Cam just stared at the plates of steaming pastries and cakes and cold meats and fruits, realising he didn't want any of it.

'Mama' Luke said after a time. 'Can I go to my room?'

Miranda turned to him, leaning against the table and taking a swig from the bottle to wash down the pies. She stared down at her son.

'Go' she droned as she stuck more food in her mouth.

Cam watched Luke trudge out of the room, glancing back at his mother who wandered around the tables. She continued picking the food she wanted, piling it up on her plate before sitting down in a chair by the fire to eat.

He watched her as she ate in silence, after a time she leant forward, slipping a hand down the back of her dress and loosening her corset, before resting back again, taking her wig and her gloves off, before continuing to eat.

'Mama' Cam said to her. 'Can I leave please?'

'Go on them' she replied in a monotone, speaking without looking at him as she picked up the bottle again.

Cam slid off his seat and left quickly without looking back, heading to his own room, thinking of his brother and wishing only to be with him.

Cam returned to their bedroom and found Luke sitting on his bed in the dark, curled up and hugging his knees.

He was crying.

Cam walked over to him slowly, crawling up on the bed and sitting beside him, holding his brother close as he wrapped his arms around him.

'It's ok' he whispered to Luke. 'No matter what happens we still have each other.'

'We'll look after each other won't we?' Luke sniffed miserably. 'Always?'

'Always' Cam echoed without hesitation. 'No matter what. Isn't that after all…what brothers are for?'

They stayed together in the same bed that night, neither of them sleeping very well; they both woke early the next morning and sat side by side on the bed watching the sunrise from their window.

'I haven't seen the sun rise like that in ages' Cam said, leaning on the window sill with his chin resting on his palms. 'Do you remember when we were really young, and we used to wake up early to hide from our nanny?'

'Oh she used to get so mad' Luke grinned, forgetting his sorrows for just a moment.

'It's lucky we're princes' Cam said. 'If we weren't I'm sure she would have hit us a long time ago.'

'We'd have probably deserved it' Luke mumbled.

'We haven't left the palace in ages' Cam spoke, sud

denly realising as he said this. 'We used to go all sorts of places. Do you remember?'

'I do' Luke replied forlorn. He leant back, hugging his knees. 'We used to go to the beach most of all, and play in the rock pools, and jump in the sea…'

'…and climb trees…'

'…and make secret dens…'

'…and climb the cliffs near the beaches…'

'They were so steep' Luke voiced. 'It was so dangerous what we did.' He sighed, rolling onto his side with his back to Cam, hugging his pillow tightly. 'I miss it so much just thinking about it now. Why did we ever stop going?'

'Father stopped us' Cam said turning to him. 'Don't you remember?'

'No' Luke answered sadly back. 'I must have forgotten.'

'He said it wasn't safe out there, and that we have to stay close to home.'

'I feel like I want something else' Luke spoke softly. 'This place feels different now without father.' He fell silent for a moment. 'I've just thought…we've never really been to the city outside.' He sat up again, his attention drifted back to the window and to the streets and houses beyond. 'Why?' he asked. 'It's so near, and we hardly even know it.'

'I don't like the city' Cam admitted. 'It's nice watching from far away, but it's just too strange and busy. So many people I don't know…I wouldn't want to be out there.'

'That's probably why I haven't been either' Luke said to his knees. He sighed heavily again. 'I miss father. I can't believe this has happened…….he said he'd be ok.'

'He was probably trying to be strong for us' Cam said turning to him.

'I know but….'

'Don't cry' Cam said, leaning forward and hugging his brother. 'Father wouldn't have wanted you to be sad.'

'I know' Luke whimpered, rubbing the tears from his eyes before they could fall. 'It's just so hard and so unfair. Why? Why did it have to happen?'

'I don't know. Maybe the gods wanted it so; maybe they had other plans for him.'

'I guess you could be right' Luke answered miserably.

'Hey' Cam said, forcing a cheery tone. 'I know what we should do, let's leave the palace.'

'Leave the palace?' Luke stiffened slightly. But…we shouldn't. 'It isn't right.'

'Why not?'

'Father wouldn't have wanted….'

'Father isn't here anymore' Cam told him, grasping either side of his face. He smiled for Luke. 'Let's go to the beach together' he said, 'like we used to.'

'That sounds….fun' Luke finished as the idea swam around his mind.

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