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   Chapter 3 No.3

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Miranda waited as her handmaiden pulled her dress down, and quickly and silently untied the corset she wore beneath. When it was off, Miranda was able to breathe freely. She waved the handmaiden away who scurried out of the room silently, returning to her own sleeping quarters that were just next door.

Miranda sat down again, and leant forward with her elbows on the dresser, sobbing into her hands.

Cam and Luke stared at the door their mother had just closed. The second the door had shut, Luke turned to Cam.

'Let's go see father.'

'Yeah!' Cam cried joyfully, dancing towards the door as his brother dropped his sword and threw down his helmet, skipping after him.

The young princes opened the door slowly, peering around to see if their mother was still in sight. But she was gone.

'Come on' Luke whispered.

They slipped through the door, running down the corridor and towards the stairs. Cam leapt up onto the balustrade, laughing as he slid down to the next level. The brothers ran and laughed as they chased each other, sliding down most of the stairs and bolting down the corridors.

Luke slipped off the balustrade on the lowest level, Cam bent down to help him up, taking his hand and running with him as they headed to their fathers room. They slowed as they reached the door, letting go of each other, each gasping deeply. They waited for a minute or so to catch their breath again before Luke reached forward, struggling to open the round door knob. He pushed the door open.

Inside the room was dark, all the windows had been covered by thick sheets.

Luke and Cam slipped quietly into the room, closing the door gently behind them. The two boys padded across the room and towards the bed in the centre. Luke crawled on top of the bed, while Cam stood beside it, leaning forwards.

'Father' Cam whispered. 'Father?'

The king shifted in his sleep, waking slowly and smiling when he saw both his sons around him.

'Boys' he sighed. 'What are you doing here?'

'Mother told us not to visit' Luke told him as he sat behind him. 'But we didn't listen.'

'We're worried about you' Cam added. 'We had to come and see you.'

The king heaved himself up, propping himself back against the headboard.

'We wanted to see if you're alright' Luke said, shuffling up beside him and leaning into him. 'We missed you.'

'My sons' the king sighed happily.

'We're worried about you' Cam repeated. 'We wanted to see if you're ok.'

'Don't worry boys' their father smiled weakly at them, resti

ng a hand on each of their heads. 'Everything will be alright in the end. I'll be fine. I promise.'

The funeral was the very next week. Cam stood beside his mother in the pouring rain, his brother standing on her other side. All three of them were dressed all in black, like the rest of the crowd that surrounded the procession.

As the coffin was taken away, Cam and Luke walked behind their mother, stepping carefully so as not to stand on the trail of her long black dress that dragged on the ground behind her.

Cam slowed to allow her mother to walk ahead, moving to her other side around the trail so he could get close to his brother. He walked beside Luke, hugging his arm as they went. The rain soaked through their clothes right to their skin, chilling their very bones. The boys shivered in the cold, clinging to each other for warmth.

When they had reached the garden the procession slowed to a stop. The boys watched with the rest of the crowd as the coffin was lowered into the ground. Cam fought back the tears, still holding his brother close, as Luke tugged on their mother's sleeve.

'Mother' Luke said. 'Why are they putting him in the ground? He said he would get better. He said he would be fine.'

'Be quiet' Miranda hissed down to him, shrugging him off her and tutting in annoyance.

'He said he would be fine' Luke repeated, beginning to cry now, rubbing his eyes with the back of his hand as tears spilled down his cheeks. 'He said he would be fine…'

Miranda watched her son closely, feeling a knot in her heart. She let out a sigh, kneeling beside him and holding him to her in silent comfort.

She raised her head to the heavy sky above them. The rolling black clouds rumbled, lightning flashing in the distance.

A storm was coming.

Chapter Two

It took hours for the hundreds of people to leave the palace garden, but Miranda had left at the earliest possible opportunity, taking her boys with her.

Some of the people who knew her tutted, the lords and advisers, and those who did not know her would say that she grieved, and could not stand the sight of her beloved husband being returned to the earth from whence he came.

But the truth was, she was cold, and fed up, and hungry.

And so she took her boys with her, back to their palace home with its many stairs and to one of the dining halls where food was being laid out for them.

Feeling ravenous Miranda tucked in, eating greedily whatever she fancied and drinking heavily the wine straight from the bottles.

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