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   Chapter 1167 Test

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"How dare you talk nonsense!" Shen Yilan pulled Yan'er over in a hurry and was about to slap him.

Yun Shang quickly grabbed Shen Yilan's hand and said, "Well, it's just a child's play. Yan'er is too young to understand anything."

After saying that, Yun Shang pulled Yan'er to her side, squatted down, and waved to Chengye to come over.

"Yan'er, Bao'er is your brother. It's a boy. Two boys can't get married," said Yun Shang.

Yan'er frowned and asked in confusion, "We can't get married?"

"Yes, you can't get married," Yun Shang confirmed.

"Then what can we do?" Yan'er asked.

Yun Shang laughed, "You can be brothers, friends, play together and grow up together."

"Then... Can't we take a shower or sleep together? " asked Yan'er. He tilted his head and looked serious.

Yun Shang thought it over and said, "It sounds good."

"That's my wife. I can only play with my wife, bathe with her and sleep with her," said Yan'er. He was more confused now.

Yun Shang couldn't help but burst into laughter. It didn't seem to be useful for her to explain it to such a young child

Thinking of this, Yun Shang raised her hand and touched Yan'er's hair, "It's different. You'll know when you grow up."

However, Yan'er pursed his lips and said, "You adults are so bad. You always say that I will know when I grow up. Last year, and this year, you still say so. But I have grown up."

Yun Shang smiled more brightly, "That's because you haven't grown up enough."

"All right," Yan'er replied. He pursed her lips, as if he was not convinced, but could only reluctantly agreed, "You are good-looking, so whatever you say is right."

Hearing what Yan'er said, Shen Yilan raised her eyebrows and asked angrily, "What do you mean? Why do you always go against me while you agree with what her majesty says? Why? Am I ugly? "

Hearing this, Yan'er only glanced at Shen Yilan without saying anything else, but his meaning was self-evident.

"……" Shen Yilan gritted her teeth and shouted, "Bastard, I'll beat you up later."

Looking at both of them, Yun Shang couldn't help laughing again. She stood up and said to Lady Hua Guo, "Lord Hua Guo's mansion is still so lively."

"Yes, it's very lively," Lady Hua Guo agreed smilingly.

Yun Shang

that Qian Liu was confused, Yun Shang continued, "Lord Hua Guo's mansion must have thought of this earlier than I did. Although Shen Yilan is careless, she won't shoot at random in front of me. Although she said that in a joking way, it also showed that Lord Hua Guo's mansion has such meaning. She is just testing. "

"Lord Hua Guo's mansion..." Qian Liu frowned and asked, "Why?"

Yun Shang smiled, "It's not difficult to explain. Lord Hua Guo is the father of the old Empress. Even in the years when the old Empress disappeared, because his former majesty still has feelings for her, Lord Hua Guo is still favored. The Hua family is also the top clan in the Jin City and enjoys great honor.

But after Lord Hua Guo, there are also some people who have made achievements in the war and were conferred the title of general and led the troops at the frontier. But there is no more people in the clan who can get as much imperial favor as Lord Hua Guo. If the old Empress goes, the relationship between his majesty and Lord Hua Guo will be further away. After that, Chengye and Lord Hua Guo's mansion will be even less close.

Of course, Lord Hua Guo's mansion wouldn't want to distance themselves from the imperial power step by step, so they came up with this idea.

It's a mutually beneficial thing. Besides, Lord Hua Guo's mansion has helped me and his majesty a lot. I'll go as they hope. What will happen to the brotherhood between Hua Qingyan and Chengye in the future depends on their fortune. "

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