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   Chapter 1166 Something She Had Ignored

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When they arrived at the training ground, Lord Hua Guo seemed to have finished his cultivation and was wiping the weapons with a handkerchief.

Hearing the footsteps, he turned around. Seeing Yun Shang, he quickly put down the blade and handkerchief in his hand, and took two steps forward to salute.

Yun Shang hurriedly held him up and said, "Grandfather, don't be so courteous. I have something to consult grandfather today. "

Lord Hua Guo didn't refuse. He said in a deep voice, "It's in a mess here. Let's go to the yard and have a talk."

After entering the yard, Lord Hua Guo asked someone to pour two cups of tea. Then he looked up at Yun Shang and asked, "Have all the affairs in the court been dealt?"

Yun Shang shook her head and lowered her eyes slightly. " It's not easy. There are so many vacancies in the court. After all, it's a matter related to the state, so we can't be impatient. We can only take it step by step."

"You're right. It can't be dealt in a hurry." Lord Hua Guo took a big sip of tea and asked, "What do you want to ask?"

Yun Shang told Lord Hua Guo what had happened briefly and asked, "Do you know Cao Zhan?"

"I have been in the court with Cao Zhan for more than 20 years, and I know about him. But he is a civil official and I'm a general, we don't talk much and don't know much about each other. "

"I only know that Cao Zhan had been in Cangzhou before. He had excellent political performance for three consecutive years and was well-known among the people, so he was promoted and moved to the Jin City. When Cao Zhan's family moved to the Jin City, they used over a hundred carriages to carry their things. At that time, they attracted the attention of countless people in the Jin City. "

"Because of this, some people suspect that Cao Zhan was so rich because of his greed for money when he was working in Cangzhou. They even asked the emperor to investigate it carefully. The emperor did send someone to investigate. He found out that the Cao clan where Carlson was from was a century old famous family in Cangzhou, a

rmation. " Lord Hua Guo smiled, holding a teacup in his hand, and said with resentment, "With such a farce, all the noble clans in the court and even the whole Jin city will be reshuffled."

"It's not necessarily a bad thing. To put it bluntly, for an emperor, the way of survival from ancient times is that those who submit will prosper, those who resist shall perish."

Lord Hua Guo burst into laughter. "You're right. You're very courageous. Those who submit will prosper, those who resist shall perish."

Yun Shang smiled.

As soon as she left Lord Hua Guo and walked to the back garden, she saw Shen Yilan tweaking Yan'er's ear and coming over.

"Ouch, it hurts! Oh... " Yan'er kept shouting.

Chengye followed them and looked at them curiously.

"What happened?" Yun Shang and Lady Hua Guo hurried over.

Heaving a sigh of relief, Yilan loosened her grip on Yan'er's ear, pointed at Yan'er and said angrily, "This brat! When the servants didn't notice, he ran to the crown prince and kissed him, saying that her majesty and his majesty had promised him to marry their future child. "

"Yes, they did promise me. I have already visited my father-in-law. We've made a deal. If the child is as beautiful as my aunt, I'll marry the child no matter he is my brother or sister. "

Yan'er raised her hand and pointed at Chengye, "He is so beautiful. He is my wife."

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