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   Chapter 1165 Be Careful

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"You little bastard!" Shen Yilan gritted his teeth and looked up at Yun Shang again. "Please forgive him, your majesty..."

Yun Shang smiled, "Yan'er is so lively, cheerful, smart and interesting. I like him very much. Chengye stays all day long in the palace and no children at his age could play with him. In addition, there are too many rules in the palace, which makes him a little dull. I hope he can be as happy as Yan'er. "

Shen Yilan smiled, "Isn't it simple? If you want Yan'er to spend more time with the crown prince, just bring him back to the palace and give him a title of crown prince's companion and let him play with the crown prince. He is so naughty. I want to find someone to teach him a lesson. He is like a mad dog, running around all day long. I really don't have the energy to run after him. "

Lady Hua Guo couldn't help but touch her forehead, "Nonsense! How could you say that about your own child? "

Yun Shang also lowered her head and burst into laughter.

Lady Hua Guo turned to Yun Shang and whispered, "Yilan is pregnant now. It's true that she doesn't have much energy. Yan'er is too noisy, and only his mother can control him. It's a little headache. "

Yun Shang looked at Shen Yilan in surprise, "Are you pregnant?"

"Yes." Shen Yilan smiled, "It's been more than two months. I hope it's a girl this time. If there's another one who makes trouble like that brat, I really can't stand it."

Yun Shang was also happy for Shen Yilan, "Great, no matter it's a son or a daughter."

"That's right. Let it be." Shen Yilan didn't care about it at all. She stood up and said, "I'll go to see where that brat has taken the crown prince..."

As soon as Shen Yilan left, Lady Hua Guo dismissed the others in the yard. Then she turned to Yun Shang and said, "So many things have happened recently. It must be an excuse to take the crown prince to see me today. Tell me what brought you here?"

Yun Sha

ot, it's always right to be careful. "

Yun Shang nodded, "I don't know what the Cao clan is planning to do this time."

After saying that, he smiled again. "However, no matter what they want to do or who orders them to do, their ultimate goal is only one or two. They want the lives of his majesty and me, and they want to rule the State of Xia."

"But I won't give them anything they want."

Lady Hua Guo nodded and said worriedly, "You and his majesty have reached that position. It's difficult for you to retreat. I can only tell you to be careful."

"Grandma, don't worry. We know it."

"If you can't deal with anything, just come to me and Lord Hua Guo. Don't forget that we are always on your side."

Yun Shang agreed. Lord Hua Guo smiled and patted Yun Shang's hand. Then she stood up and said, "Lord Hua Guo should be at the training ground now. Let's go. I'll take you there. He knows more about the affairs in the court. Although the Cao clan is doing well in the business world, the main reason why the Cao clan can have a foothold in the Jin City is that Cao Zhan is an court official."

Yun Shang nodded and followed Lady Hua Guo. "You are right, if Cao Zhan doesn't have an official post, no matter how powerful Cao Zhou is, the Cao clan couldn't develop so fast."

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