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   Chapter 1163 A Blatant Enemy

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Yun Shang smiled, "You really think highly of his majesty and me, but unfortunately, people are never omnipotent."

"How could it be?" Hearing the conversation between the two, Hua'er cut in, her voice clear and lively. "In my eyes, your majesty and his majesty are omnipotent. It seems there isn't anything that couldn't be solved by your majesty and his majesty."

"There is." Yun Shang smiled and lowered her eyes.

Of course, there were many things that she can't solve.

For example, she could do nothing when facing death.

She had gone to the battlefield before and watched too many people lose their lives, but she couldn't do anything to stop it.

And she couldn't solv

's orders to show to others. They could attract some people with ulterior motives. In this way, it could help the emperor to distinguish loyal officials and traitor officials. "

Hearing Yun Shang's explanation, Qian Zhuo understood, "What do you want such a person to do, your majesty?"

Yun Shang pursed her lips and said, "I want them to draw over the family members of the officials executed in Changting Garden. Let them think that they are against the emperor and will avenge their family. But they are actually under his majesty's control. "

"In this way, we can hold the family members of the officials in our hands, so that they couldn't do anything beyond our control."

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