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   Chapter 1038 Changeable Situation (Part Two)

Eight-year-old Princess: Phoenix Reborn By Lan You Ruo Characters: 5013

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Yun Shang smiled. The woman had been talking for a long time, and she finally showed her true motives.

"Oh? I finally understand what you mean. You want to tell me that you want to be the emperor's concubine. If I insist on stopping you, people will say that I am a seductress with a reputation for jealousy. Even if the so-called secret that Chen Miaosi has told Miss Ji is fake, it would be true if it is spread by many people. Are you threatening me, Miss Ji? " Yun Shang tapped the armrest gently with a cold look in her eyes.

Hearing that, Ji Wanniang lowered her head and said with a smile, "Your Majesty, please don't say that. I'm just reminding you kindly."

"A kind reminder?" Yun Shang smiled, "Miss Ji, where does your confidence come from? Guards, Ji Wanniang came to the Weiyang Palace without permission. Drag her out. Flog her fifty times as a warning to others. "

Hearing this, the look on Ji Wanniang's face suddenly turned pale. She hurriedly said, "Your Majesty, aren't you afraid that I will tell others that you are infertile and the Prince is mentally ill?"

A stern look flashed across Yun Shang's eyes, but she smiled more happily. "I thought you would tell me a big secret. Didn't such rumors spread in the Jin City a few months ago? Why should I be afraid of such ridiculous rumors? As for Chen Miaosi you mentioned, I promise you will never see her again. "

Hearing this, a tinge of shock flashed through Ji Wanniang's eyes. After a while, she swallowed saliva

ent a message."

Yun Shang took it and unfolded it to have a look. She frowned suddenly. It was a letter with few words and some scribbles, as if it was written in a hurry, but it made Yun Shang's heart jump. Xia Houjing was saved, and the person who saved him was dressed like a secret guard in the palace.

Yun Shang narrowed her eyes. Secret guards in the palace? There were few people who could command the secret guards in the palace, but Xia Houjing was not one of them.

There was no need for Luo Qingyan to do so. He didn't need to do so. After thinking it over, there was only one possibility that the person who had saved Xia Houjing was Xia Huanyu.

Yun Shang clenched her fists and wondered, 'Why is Xia Huanyu here again? What on earth does he want to do?' The throne was given to Luo Qingyan by him, and he naturally had feelings for Hua Ling, and he was also good to Luo Qingyan. However, what happened again and again had made Yun Shang confused what Xia Huanyu wanted to do.

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