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   Chapter 1037 Changeable Situation (Part One)

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"See me?" asked Yun Shang smilingly, but there was obvious doubt in her eyes, 'Judging from the girl's dressing, she must be a member of an official's family. If she is from a courtier's, she should have known that I was at the banquet in the Taiji Palace. Thus it would not be necessary for her to sneak into the Taiji Palace if she wanted to see me.'

The woman lowered her head and bit her lips. After quite a while, she said, "It's not appropriate to talk about it in front of everyone..."

Yun Shang raised her eyebrows and smiled, "Well? Why do you have to call me back in this way? By the way, I don't know who you are. "

The woman said in a hurry, "I'm the daughter of the Vice Censor, and my name is Ji Wanniang.

Ji Wanniang? Yun Shang frowned. The name sounded familiar. She couldn't remember where she had heard of it, so she just smiled and said, "Miss Ji, what do you want to tell me then?"

Hearing this, Ji Wanniang immediately looked up at Yun Shang. But when she saw the warning eyes of Qian Zhuo, she quickly lowered her head and whispered, "A few days ago, I met a woman who escaped from a brothel in the street. I found she was pitiful, so I took her back to my mansion. I didn't expect that the woman has some connection with your majesty. "

"Oh?" Yun Shang replied casually. How come such a woman who escaped from a brothel have anything to do with her?

"Her name is Chen Miaosi. I heard that she was a female doctor who took care of the Prince in her palace. I've inquired about it. I've heard that there used to be such a person by your side, but it seems that she was no longer in the palace? "

Chen Miaosi? Hearing this, Yun Shang paused for a moment. She looked up and exchanged a glance with Qian Zhuo. Q

cret Chen Miaosi told you is too shocking. It's a good opportunity for you. Why don't you take advantage of this good opportunity to convince me and let you serve the Emperor?" Pei Lan fetched a cushion for Yun Shang and put it on back of the chair. Yun Shang leaned back a little, staring at Ji Wanniang quietly without any emotion in her eyes.

Surprised, Ji Wanniang glanced at Yun Shang. After a long silence, she said with a smile, "I've heard that you and his majesty love each other very much. His majesty once promised in front of all the civil and military officials that you would be the only one in the imperial household, but I feel that in men's hearts, power is more important. Besides, it doesn't matter if a man has more than one woman? To your majesty, it might not be a good thing to occupy all the Emperor's favor in the imperial household. If it has always been like this, everyone would think that your Majesty is a seductress. Since you cannot stop it, why do you insist on doing so? Moreover, if all the women in the imperial household are loyal to you, it would be better for you to control the imperial household. What do you think it? "

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