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   Chapter 1033 Back To The Palace (Part One)

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Yun Shang was a little stunned. She thought of that day when the troops of the State of Yelang attacked the city, Qian Jun was indeed commanding the troops to set up an array. Thus, she couldn't help but say smilingly, "General Qian, you're really flattering me. I used to take Mr. Qing Cang as my teacher with the introduction of his majesty. I wanted to learn more about arrays, but unluckily, I barely met him. As a result, I have learned little about it up till now. The array in the stone forest was just my cramming practice after reading the book given by Mr. Qing Cang. "

Hearing this, Qian Jun was even more amazed, "Your Majesty, you have ever taken Mr. Qing Cang as your teacher?" Then he murmured to himself, 'No wonder... No wonder...'

Yun Shang nodded with a smile. Seeing the plea in Qian's eyes, Yun Shang smiled and ordered Pei Lan, "Take the book here on the far right of the third row on the shelf."

Pei Lan answered and fetched the book to Yun Shang. Yun Shang took a look at Qian Jun and gave it to him with a smile, "General Qian, if you like to study arrays, I will give this book to you. I can almost remember all the arrays in this book. Besides, I'm usually in the palace, and it's a waste for me to keep it. Why not send it to General? If your highness can use it to kill the enemy and protect our country, it's also a good thing for the State of Xia. "

Qian Jun's eyes were filled with joy. He took the book respectfully, knelt down, and bowed to Yun Shang, "I am do grateful for your majesty's kindness. I will never let your majesty down."

Yun Shang waved her hand to stop him from being courteous. Qian Jun stood up, bowed his head but seemed to be hesitating.

"General Qian, do you have anything else to say?" Yun Shang asked

window, and the singing of cicadas could be heard from time to time. Both people in the room had just experienced a difficult battle, and they were whispering at such a rare quiet time.

After this battle, the State of Yelang retreated thirty miles, as if quietly admitting that they had lost. The laughter and cheers in the Lingxi City were totally different from the serious atmosphere when Yun Shang first arrived. The war had started in August since last year. At the beginning, the two armies had been on par with each other in strength. Zhao Yingjie dispersed his forces and tried to pin down Cangjue Qingsu. When Cangjue Qingsu gave up the battle with the State of Ning in the north and sent more soldiers to support Lingxi City, the troops of the State of Xia began to be at a disadvantage because of the huge gap in military strength. When Cangjue Qingsu threatened the army in the name of seizing His and Her Former Majesty, the army of the State of Xia turned to be difficult to stabilize. However, at last, it turned out that the troops of the State of Yelang was defeated.

The soldiers had been depressed for too long, and they at last had such a time to relax.

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