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   Chapter 1026 Both Real And Sham

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Seeing that Yun Shang said this out of blue as soon as she came back, Pei Lan was curious and asked softly, "What happened?"

A cold light flashed in Yun Shang's eyes, but the corners of her mouth were still slightly upturned. She said with a faint smile, "What I had suspected in the Imperial City proves to be true."

Pei Lan didn't understand. She looked at Yun Shang but didn't dare to ask any more. She just followed Yun Shang obediently into the room.

Bao'er was playing on the couch in the room, holding a book of Yun Shang's in his hand. Some pages were crumpled. Hua Er knelt on the ground, her face full of anxiety, while muttering, "Oh, my little naughty boy, the Prince, this is your mother's book. Don't break it." As she spoke, she reached out to take back the book.

However, Bao'er held the book tightly in his hands. He seemed to be more excited when he saw Hua Er grabbing it. He laughed.

Yun Shang smiled, walked in and asked Hua'er to step aside. Then she picked up Bao'er and asked, "What are you doing, Bao'er? Why are you so happy? "

When Bao'er saw his mother coming, he quickly put his head into his mother's arms and rubbed it, throwing the book aside. Yun Shang picked up the badly torn book and looked at it. It was the book on array which she read yesterday.

Yun Shang smiled and said, "This book is very good. If you like it, when you grow up, I will give it to you, okay?"

Of course, Bao'er didn't understand what Yun Shang meant. He just chuckled and stared at Yun Shang. After a while, he plunged into Yun Shang's arms again.

Yun Shang played with Bao'er for the whole morning. Then it was time for lunch. As soon as the lunch was ready, Luo Qingyan came back.

Yun Shang stood up with a smile and walked up to him, "The lunch is just ready. Your majesty is back just in time."

Then she turned to Pei Lan and ordered, "Go and invite their former majesties to have dinner together."

Luo Qingyan paused and looked at Yun Shang calmly, "Did you see them this morning?"

Yun Shang nodded slightly, "Yes."

Luo Qingyan's expression became more strange. Finally, it's Yun Shang who couldn't help laughing, "Your Majesty, didn't you want to know if I have found out anything strange there since I have gone to see both of them?"

Luo Qingyan lowered his head, straightened his clothes carefully but said nothing as a response. Yun Shang smiled and said softly, "I found out that both of the people saved last night are not the real his former majesty and her former majesty."

Luo Qingyan raised his head to look at Yun Shang. After a moment of silence, he asked, "How did you find it?"

Yun Shang smiled and replied, "I found that you didn't look normal, so I called the secret guard to ask about the rescue situation yesterday. One of the tiny details made me suspicious. The secret guard said that when they began to take their former majesties away in their tent. His Former Majesty reminded her former majesty to take the Buddha beads with her. "

Luo Qingyan's eyes fell on Yun Shang. Hearing her words, a trace of doubt flashed through Luo Qingyan's eyes.

"Her former majesty is a Buddhist. The Buddha beads are her treasures. How could she forgot to

ang nodded and turned to look at the secret guards behind her, "You don't know the traps in the stone forest. Go and try if you can break through this stone forest. The rule is that you can't use Qinggong."

The secret guards responded and quickly flashed into the stone forest.

Yun Shang then asked the leader of the secret guards to take her to fly to the top of the stone forest, so that she could see clearly the situation below. The secret guards were agile, and even if they were restricted from using Qinggong, their Kung Fu was still much better than that of ordinary soldiers. Therefore, it seemed that they were not at a disadvantage at the beginning.

However, gradually, they met more and more traps in the stone forest. The people hiding in the stone forest were also looking for an opportunity to give them sneak attack, and many secret guards began to act with confusion. In panic, many of them fell into traps.

Yun Shang went to the end of the stone forest and waited there until 3 hours later when a secret guard came out at last. But he was already exhausted, and his clothes were cut into pieces. As soon as he came out, he fell to the ground, as if all his strength had been sucked out.

Yun Shang smiled and turned to the leader of the secret guards, "Great. Is everything ready in the dense forest?"

"It's ready..." Hardly had his voice faded away, Yun Shang faintly noticed a strange movement in the direction outside the Lingxi City. The deafening cries could even be faintly heard in the Phoenix Mountain here.

Yun Shang frowned and said with a deep look, "I'm afraid that the stone forest will soon be used. Quickly restore all the secret poisons in the forest to their original state. "

Yun Shang saw a horse running towards them from a distance. She waved her hand, and the secret guards hid themselves. The horse stopped at the foot of the mountain, and someone jumped down from it and walked up the mountain. Yun Shang slowly walked down, and saw a soldier in military armor hurriedly saying, "Your Majesty, the troops of Yelang have attacked the city. His majesty orders you to return to the city."

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