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   Chapter 1022 Retreat To The City

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A touch of coldness appeared in Luo Qingyan's eyes, but the corners of his mouth curled up. "Qingsu is really good at calculating."

Yun Shang nodded and looked at Luo Qingyan with a smile. "I think so, too. I'll set up a trap and wait on Phoenix Mountain. If he dares to come, I'll make him regret."

Hearing what Yun Shang said, Luo Qingyan's eyes flashed with tenderness. He nodded slightly and said, "I'll go with you tomorrow."

A tinge of joy flashed through Yun Shang's eyes. She looked at Luo Qingyan with a smile and said, "That's good. Why is his majesty free now?"

Luo Qingyan smiled, "I'm afraid the State of Yelang won't attack in two or three days. As long as Zhao Yingjie is in the camp, it will be fine."

Hearing this, Yun Shang frowned again. "The State of Yelang is now relying on the fact that His Former Majesty and Her Former Majesty were in his hand. But that do affect us. I think it would be best if we can save them secretly. In this way, we will no longer have any fear of the State of Yelang. "

Luo Qingyan nodded, with a hint of worry in his eyes. "I've been trying to save them these days, but how could Qingsu be so careless to let us save them as he finally got two shields in his hands?"

After Luo Qingyan finished speaking, he smiled and said, "Let's stop talking about this. I feel very irritable at the thought of this. Have dinner first. Is Bao'er asleep? "

Yun Shang looked up at Bao'er and asked curiously, "He was so noisy when I came back just now. Why did he fall asleep in a flash?"

Luo Qingyan smiled, tucked Bao'er in, and touched his soft hair. Then he stood up, walked to the back of the desk and looked through the books Yun Shang had read.

After dinner, Yun Shang asked Pei Lan and Hua'er to bring some water in. Then she washed up with Luo Qingyan and rested.

The second morning, Luo Qingyan arrived at the stone forest with Yun Shang. Luo Qingyan directly jumped up, looked around for a long time, and returned to Yun Shang]. "It's a good place, much more spectacular than I thought."

Yun Shang took out the drawing from her sleeve. It was much more complete now. She marked the location of each stone, the trap, the poison, and the hidden guard's ambush in detail. Yun Shang marked them all.

Luo Qingyan looked at the drawing carefully and handed it back to Yun Shang. Then he walked around again and came back soon. "Very good. Your arrangement is very ingenious."

Luo Qingyan looked around and said, "But it's not difficult for martial artists to reach such a height. If Qingsu sends someone to stand on the stone forest, the following situation can be seen clearly."

Yun Shang had already thought about it. She smiled and said, "I've been here several times, and I know that the mountain is filled with the thick mist in dawn and dust, and I can't see anything clearly. If we lure the enemy into the stone forest at that time, everything will be fine."

"Now you are worried about how to lure the enemy into the array?" Luo Qingyan looked up at the spectacular stones and ask

Qingsu would know about their retreat soon. Qingsu knew Luo Qingyan well. He would think that Luo Qingyan did this for some other purpose, so he would become more cautious.

Yun Shang walked to the gate of the yard and looked at the carriages carrying mud outside. She turned to Pei Lan and said, "Now the soldiers have entered the city. If they know that I want to dig a lake in the mansion, they will be unhappy. When we carry the mud, we can go through the back door. Outside the back door is a path."

Pei Lan frowned and said, "But we have transported the soil out of the city directly. Since they have come to the city, the city gate must be strictly guarded. I'm afraid it's impossible not to disturb the soldiers in the city."

Yun Shang also knew that what Pei Lan said was true. She kept silent for a while and said, "I remember that there is a lake in Lingxi City called Moonlight Bay. There is no one else in the city now. The Moonlight Bay is not far from our mansion. We can take a detour without disturbing the soldiers. Ask the secret guards to pour the soil into the Moonlight Bay. "

Pei Lan nodded and went to the west garden.

With a touch of sadness in her eyes, Yun Shang went into the room. After thinking for a while, she thought of another thing. She picked up the white jade lute and blew it. When the secret guard entered the room, Yun Shang handed the picture with the stone forest array to the secret guard and said, "This is the picture of ambush array. If the army has come ti the city today, I'm afraid it's inconvenient for me to enter or leave the city. It's easy to attract attention. Take secret guards with you and hide in the Phoenix Mountain to arrange the array. I can only spare some time to see how the arrangement is going... "

The secret guard answered and took the picture.

Yun Shang sighed and waved her hand, "It has to be done as soon as possible. You can leave the city first. If you need anything, just send message back. "

"Yes." The secret guard answered and left the room.

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