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   Chapter 1021 A Letter from Liucang City

Eight-year-old Princess: Phoenix Reborn By Lan You Ruo Characters: 10330

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Yun Shang walked out of the garden. On the way back to the yard, she passed a stage, which was a little shabby. Yun Shang thought for a moment and said, "Repair the stage."

Pei Lan turned to look at the stage and quickly agreed.

As soon as they returned to the room, Hua'er came up to them. Yun Shang asked, "Has Bao'er fallen asleep?"

Hua'er nodded, "The Prince is asleep. Your majesty, the carrier pigeon has sent a message from Liucang City." Hua'er handed Hua'er a letter.

Yun Shang took it over, opened it and had a look. The corners of her mouth curved up slightly. Well, after Qian Liu and Zheng Qiming returned to Liucang City, they had won Xia Houjing's trust. But to Yun Shang's surprise, the letter also mentioned that Xia Houjing asked Qian Liu's uncle to marry Qian Liu to him as his concubine.

The smile on Yun Shang's face became colder. She had heard that Xia Houjing had married many concubines in order to draw over noble clans in Liucang City and Nanyang City.

Yun Shang suddenly thought of Hua Yutong. She didn't know what kind of life she was living now. However, Hua Yutong's father still had an official post, and his reputation was not low, so she should not be neglected. However, even if she could keep her position as the Seventh Princess, she had to prepare for her husband's wedding every once in a while. Seeing the women being married one after another, she was afraid that she would not have a good time.

If she had known this earlier, she would not have done that. At that time, she had given Empress Hua many chances. If Hua Yutong had chosen to follow Yun Shang's arrangement, Hua Yutong would have retreated completely, and perhaps she already had a good match. But Hua Yutong insisted on it. She had no one to blame.

But now, Xia Houjing wanted Qian Liu to marry him as a concubine, and things were a little tricky. And this letter has taken a few days on the way. She didn't know what was going on now. If Xia Houjing wanted to marry her, he would marry her before he left Liucang City. He would never let Qian Liu have time to wait for her reply. Moreover, Yun Shang was not in Liucang City, and she didn't know the details. She couldn't give any detailed advice, so she only reported this in the letter and didn't ask Yun Shang what to do.

But it was a dilemma. If Qian Liu agreed, it would be unfair to her. But if she didn't agree, Xia Houjing would think that Qian Liu's uncle didn't want to ally with him and work for him. He would be suspicious.

Yun Shang held the letter tighter. After a while, she crumpled it into a ball and handed it to Hua'er.

Yun Shang walked into the room and sighed, but she had to comfort herself in her heart. Fortunately, Qian Liu was calm, resourceful and smart, and she would definitely make the best choice according to the situation.

No matter how anxious Yun Shang was, it was useless for Yun Shang to be anxious. So she simply ignored it and looked for some book on the bookshelf.

Now after walking around the camp, Yun Shang also found that the situation on the battlefield was pr

and horns outside today?"

Hua'er thought for a while and answered softly, "Yes, in the morning, but I didn't hear much in the afternoon."

Yun Shang nodded. She was worried and didn't know what was going on.

Pei Lan prepared some food for Yun Shang and brought it in. Yun Shang put Bao'er on the bed, walked to the table and sat down. Thinking of the work in the garden, Pei Lan hurried out of the room.

Yun Shang Heared the footsteps of Pei Lan suddenly stopped, and the greeting came, "Your Majesty."

Yun Shang was surprised. She turned around and saw Luo Qingyan coming in. His clothes were neat and there was no sign of disorder. Yun Shang breathed a sigh of relief. She stood up, poured a cup of tea for Luo Qingyan, and asked, "How is it going?"

After a pause, he asked, "Have you had dinner?"

Luo Qingyan smiled and nodded. "I had dinner in the camp. Everything is fine."

Yun Shang knew that Luo Qingyan didn't want her to worry too much. But seeing that he was not injured or haggard, Yun Shang felt relieved. She just hoped that Luo Qingyan would be fine. If he wanted to say anything else, she would listen to him. If he didn't want to, she wouldn't ask.

"Why do you have dinner so late?" Luo Qingyan sat opposite Yun Shang and asked softly.

Yun Shang smiled and said, "I went to Phoenix Mountain today. I have a look and found that the ambush array is the most appropriate. Today I have seen which places are suitable for setting traps and assassinations."

Luo Qingyan smiled, "Don't be too tired."

Yun Shang knew what Luo Qingyan was worried about, so she nodded and said after thinking for a while, "I met some spies from the State of Yelang when I went down the mountain today. It seems that they were also inquiring about the terrain of Phoenix Mountain. I heard that they seemed to want to bypass Lingxi City from Phoenix Mountain and attack the city behind Lingxi City. I meant to discuss with your majesty how to lead the Soldiers of the state of Yelang into the Phoenix Mountain and enter my ambush array. "

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