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   Chapter 990 Blame

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When the fifteenth Princess entered the main hall, Yun Shang was talking to Qian Zhuo. The fifteenth Princess stood aside, lowering her heads and waiting quietly. After a while, Yun Shang turned around and found the fifteenth Princess.

Seeing that Yun Shang was looking at her, the fifteenth Princess slowly walked forward and gracefully bowed to her, "Greetings, your majesty."

Yun Shang looked at the fifteenth Princess up and down and was surprised. In less than a month, the fifteenth Princess seemed to have changed into another person. She used to be arrogant and domineering, and now she was much gentler.

Thinking of this, Yun Shang smiled and ordered the maid standing aside, "Take a chair for the fifteenth Princess."

The maid put a chair behind the fifteenth Princess who then thanked her unhurriedly and slowly sat down.

Yun Shang smiled and said, "You really look like a noble princess now."

The fifteenth Princess lowered her head and didn't respond. Yun Shang could guess what she was thinking. She was silent for a moment before she said, "I heard that you have been suffering a lot learning the rules these days. I'm afraid you must be blaming me in your heart."

"I dare not." The fifteenth Princess said softly.

She said "dare not" instead of "did not". Yun Shang curled up her lips. The words she used expressed her attitude.

Yun Shang smiled, "When my mother asked me the question, my answer was the same as yours. I'm afraid that you've never heard that I had the same experience as you when I was in the State of Ning. Not long after I was born, my mother was sent to the cold palace. I was raised in the Empress's palace. The Empress was very good to me, so I was unwilling to admit the lady in the cold palace was my birth mother. How nice is the Empress? The daughter of the Empress, my sister, learned all kinds of knowledge from the grand tutor at the age of three or four. Besides that, she also learned embroidery. My sister often tells me how ferocious the grand tutor is, how heavy and boring her homework is. So I told the Empress that I didn't want to learn those boring things, and the Empress agreed. "

"If sister was not good to the servants, she would be punished severely by the Empress. But even if I kill those who irritate me, the Empress would not even scold me." Yun Shang sneered and looked at the fifteenth Princess who seemed to be surprised.

Yun Shang continued, "Do you think the Empress is very good to me?"

The fifteenth Princess nodded and curled her lips. "Of course."

Hearing this, Yun Shang burst into laughter, which attracted the attention of the fifteenth Princess. After a long time, Yun Shang stopped laughing. "But what is the result of not learning? My sister was honored as the most talented lady in the State of Ning, but what about

he expression in Lady Cao's eyes had gradually calmed down, Yun Shang knew something. "Lady Cao, why don't you tell me what you want to do?"

Lady Cao kowtowed to Yun Shang and hurriedly said, "I don't dare to ask for anything else. I have always wanted to live a good life in the palace, but a few days ago, I suddenly heard that you were investigating the matter more than 20 years ago, and I have some extravagant hopes. I hope you can prove the Cao clan's innocence."

Yun Shang narrowed her eyes. She didn't know much about what had happened in the past. She only knew that the Cao family was almost destroyed. Collateral relatives of the Cao clan also declined. From what she knew, the Cao clan just supported Xia Chun at that time. But Xia Huanyu was entrusted by Xia Chun to take over the throne. In this case, the Cao clan should not have done anything wrong. But why did Xia Huanyu declare the Cao clan guilty and even get rid of the clan?

There must be something she didn't know.

"You're His Former Majesty's concubine. Shouldn't you go to ask him for help?" Yun Shang tilted her head and smiled with confusion in her eyes.

Cao Shanxiu bit her lips and sighed, "His Former Majesty ordered that no one could mention what happened in the past. How could I..."

Yun Shang smiled. It turned out that she couldn't beg Xia Huanyu for help, so she wanted her help.

Yun Shang raised her eyebrows and said gently, "You have to answer me a few questions first. Why did you change from the Lady Cao in the Luoxue Pavilion to the current Lady Cao? What did the Cao clan do back then that caused the trouble? And how did you know that I was investigating those things? And how did you kill Li Fuhua? "

Cao Shanxiu closed her eyes and kept silent for a long time. Then she sighed and said softly, "I'll tell you. I'll tell you everything your majesty want to know..."

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