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   Chapter 988 Building Prestige

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"I only have a few words to say today. First of all, I have to emphasize that in the Weiyang Palace, you can be a little stupid or slow in reaction. I won't care about these things. But you must remember one thing. If anyone dares do anything bad to me, don't blame me for being rude to him. There are three kinds of people I hate the most, the betrayers, the cheaters, and the ones with impure thoughts. " Yun Shang narrowed her eyes. She didn't need to look in the bronze mirror. She knew that she looked a little fierce now.

"Second, I know you like to chat with other servants when you have nothing to do, but I don't want anything in the Weiyang Palace to be heard by outsiders."

"Last but not least, I hope you know clearly who is in charge of the imperial household now and make the right choice. I don't need to give you any advice on how to survive. I grew up in the Palace. I have seen a lot of messy things in the imperial household. Fortunately, I'm the only one in his majesty's harem now. You must consider who you should see as your master."

After saying that, Yun Shang turned around and looked at Qian Zhuo, "Take the guards to the side hall to do a thorough search. We must find the hairpin."

Qian Zhuo answered yes and called the guards to the side hall.

Yun Shang sat there expressionlessly, staring at the 30-odds servants calmly. They didn't expect that Yun Shang would suddenly send the guards to search the side hall. Yun Shang could clearly see that some of them seemed to be uneasy. A maid standing in the third row turned her head and looked at the east side hall, frowning.

Yun Shang sneered and pointed at the maid. "Take her out."

Qing Hao answered in a hurry. He quickly walked into the crowd and pulled the maid out. Throwing her in the front, he said harshly, "kneel down."

The maid trembled and knelt down in a hurry. "Your Majesty, please spare my life."

"Spare your life? What have you done? Why did you ask me to spare your life? " Yun Shang said coldly. Before the maid could respond, she continued, "What's your name? What are you in charge of the palace?"

"Your... Your Majesty, my name is Xue Rui, I'm in charge of the flowers and plants in the yard." The maid replied in a hurry.

Yun Shang rubbed the teacup with her hand and said, "I saw you staring at the east side hall just now. Are you afraid that the guards will find something in your room?"

"No...No. " Xue Rui replied in a low voice.

Yun Shang smiled, "Really? You just kneel here and wait for the guards to finish searching. If they can't find anything in your room, you could get up."


The others all lowered their heads and waited quietly.

About an hour later, the guards searched the side hall, took out all the suspicious things and placed them one by one on the ground in front of the servants.

Yun Shang stood up and walked to those things and checked them one by one. There we

, "Your Majesty, it's not that I don't want to. Please listen to me for the details."

"What is it?" Yun Shang turned around, walked to a chair and sat down, asking calmly.

"Your Majesty, there is something you don't know. I came to the Palace to look for my sister. I lived in a poor village outside the Jin city. When I was thirteen years old, my father was seriously ill. In order to raise money to cure my father, I had to sell my sister for some money. At that time, I promised my sister that no matter what, I would definitely redeem her. Not long after, my father passed away. I earned some money by working around. I wanted to find my sister back, but the buyer told me he had sold my sister. Two or three years later, I heard that my sister had been brought into the palace, so I came into the palace... " Qi Ruihai said gently, but his voice was calm.

"The palace is too large and there are too many servants. I haven't seen my sister for a long time, so I thought I could see all information of the servants in the Neishi Bureau, so I tried every way to enter the Neishi Bureau, but I still haven't found her. But I won't give up. As long as I'm still alive, I'll find her. Neishi Bureau is the best place... "

Yun Shang looked around, but she was not sure whether Qi Ruihai was telling the truth or just an excuse. She smiled and said, "Since Lord Qi doesn't want to, I won't force you. But... "

Yun Shang smiled and said, "I will definitely take all the departments in the imperial household under my control. Consider it. If you want to find your sister, you don't have to work in Neishi Bureau. After all, Neishi Bureau only records information about the servants. You had been looking for her for so many years, but you still couldn't find her. Have you ever thought that your sister might not be a maid at all? Lord Qi, you don't have to answer me now. You'd better go back and think about it. I'm waiting for your good news."

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