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   Chapter 986 To Be Stern And Strong (Part One)

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Updated: 2020-06-28 00:12

Before that, Lady Li had come to the Weiyang Palace to ask to see Yun Shang twice. At that time, Hua Ling hadn't left the palace yet.

"Oh? What did her former majesty ask you to investigate? " Yun Shang asked her. Pei Lan brought a cup of tea and put it on the table at Yun Shang's hand. Yun Shang reached out her hand and picked up the teacup, opened the lid, and lightly skimmed the foam off her tea with the lid.

"After her former majesty entered the palace, she asked me to find out in the imperial household among stewards who could be trusted and who should be on guard," Lady Li answered in a low voice. She thought for a while and went on, "I've sent someone to inquire about it before. It's not until recently that there's some progress."

Yun Shang's hand holding the teacup paused for a moment, and she quickly recovered as usual. She found Lady Li was very cunning. She must have known from the incident of Li Fuhua some time ago that Yun Shang was trying to find a way to settle down in the imperial household and get rid of the several stewards. So, before she came here today, she was well prepared.

"I heard that Lady Li just became a concubine when her former majesty entered the palace. I didn't expect Lady Li to be so capable, " said Yun Shang smilingly, but her eyes were full of disbelief.

But Lady Li smiled calmly and said, "Yes, I was just a concubine then. Moreover, when I first entered the palace, I was only a Cainv of the lowest level. But your majesty, don't you there is a saying that little ghosts are difficult to deal with? In the imperial household, what we really need to guard against is not any superior

Li's eyes.

Lady Li smiled bitterly, "What can I ask for? When His Former Majesty was still the emperor, I had tried every means to beg for his favor and a son, but I had never been that lucky. When Empress Hua came back to the palace, I knew that it was already extravagant to ask for the favor of the holy emperor. The imperial household is the most ruthless place. If we completely lost those rare chances of three or four times a year to serve his majesty, no one could imagine what kind of cold treatment we would suffer. I'm afraid the treatment we got might be even worse than that of a servant. I was trying to please Empress Hua. I just wanted to have a place in the imperial household. "

After a short pause, she sighed, "but in just a few months, the situation has changed dramatically. I became a former lady, and His Former Majesty decisively took her former majesty out of the palace. I don't have any children, so I'm afraid I can't escape the desolation. What I want today is just a place to live in the palace, and three meals a day can be served with hot dishes and hot rice. "

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