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   Chapter 980 Her Test

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Some of them stood up, and some were still kneeling. Luo Qingyan looked at the excited faces and complicated expressions in their eyes. After a while, he said, "I've just ascended the throne, but now the state is suffering from internal strife and external strife. It's my fault. I promise that everyone will be fine this year."

Luo Qingyan paused for a while and continued, "The Empress has recently appealed to me for the people, hoping that I can reduce all the tax by half. I thought about it carefully. As the Empress said, since ancient times, heavy tax has always been like a mountain on the people. If this mountain is not removed, the people will never be relaxed. But if there is no tax and no money in the national treasury, we can't offer food to the soldiers who protect us. After weighing the pros and cons, I have made a promise today that I will cut the people's tax by half this year, without affecting the soldiers in the border at all. Within three years, all the people of the State of Xia will have enough food to eat and clothes to wear. "

Yun Shang turned her head in surprise. She didn't remember that she had mentioned it to him. Why...

While she was thinking, all the people knelt down again. "Thank you! Long live Your Majesties!"

Yun Shang fell silent. She understood that Luo Qingyan was trying to help her build a good reputation among the people of the State of Xia.

Although she was the Empress, she was just a princess from a foreign country. If she had a good reputation in the hearts of the people, it would be good for her. Yun Shang's heart softened. Even though Luo Qingyan knew that she couldn't give birth to a baby for him anymore and that her only child had mental illness, he was still so good to her.

Luo Qingyan, who was standing next to her, continued, "The Empress also ordered thousands of doctors to go to every town all over the state and treat the poor people. All the poor people don't need to spend a penny on medical treatment. I will also summon more doctors to join them, and ask the local officials to cooperate them to make sure that all the people will not die because they have no money to see a doctor."

Looking at the people below, Yun Shang was deeply touched. This man always stood in front of her to protect her and also considered a lot for her.

"I think the so-called prosperity of a country is not because the National Treasury has money, but because the people have money in their hands. I'm willing to build a prosperous world for you and share the good life with you."

Luo Qingyan's voice was still calm and a little cold, but it made everyone's excited.

"Hail Your Majesty..." The shouts were deafening, but Yun Shang saw a silver light shining in the crowd below.

Luo Qingyan should also have seen it. He held Yun Shang's hand and said softly, "It's time to go."

Yun Shang nodded and went away with Luo Qingyan.

"Assassins?" Yun Shang asked softly after they entered the b

s expression, Liu Yinfeng hurriedly said, "Well, it doesn't matter if Bao'er can't call me now. He will call me one day. I just hope Bao'er could be safe and healthy."

Yun Shang could tell from his pitiful eyes that he must have known what had happened to her and Bao'er. And hearing his words, she was even surer.

Yun Shang smiled, "Yes, health and safety are the greatest blessing."

"It's good that you think so, your majesty. In fact, the Prince has the greatest happiness in the world." Liu Yinfeng raised his eyes and said in a soft voice, "I have been called a prodigy since I was a child, but I had to be separated from my parents and relatives when I was a child. At that time, I felt that if I could choose, I would rather stay by my parents' side forever than be a prodigy. Bao'er is so lucky to have you and his majesty around him, healthy and happy."

Hearing what Liu Yinfeng said, Yun Shang's eyes suddenly froze. She kept silent for a long time and asked tentatively, "Mister Liu, you should've had an incomparably noble identity, but you were exiled and forced to separate from your parents. Have you ever blamed his former majesty?"

Hearing this, Liu Yinfeng paused and looked at Yun Shang in astonishment.

Yun Shang sat still with a calm face. After a while, she said, "Mr. Liu, don't panic. I'm just asking. I believe that no matter what your identity is, you won't hurt me. I also regard you as my friend, so I asked you without any disguise."

Liu Yinfeng lowered his head with a bitter smile. After a long silence, he asked, "How could I blame his former majesty? He didn't do anything wrong. My father didn't like those disputes in the court and didn't want that position, so he begged his former majesty to do that. The one who was really wronged was his former majesty. Although people slandered him like that, he had never argued. Besides, he promised my father not to tell anyone, so he kept it a secret all the time. How could I hate him?"

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