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   Chapter 976 Be Frank

Eight-year-old Princess: Phoenix Reborn By Lan You Ruo Characters: 9348

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"Don't say such despondent words, Your Majesty. Think positively." Qin Yi persuaded softly.

Yun Shang nodded and murmured, "yes, you're right. As a prince, Bao'er will face all kinds of danger as everyone wants to get that position. They will definitely see Bao'er as their obstacle. But if they know Bao'er is mentally damaged, they will not take him as a rival. At least, in this way, Bao'er could be safe."

Qin Yi didn't respond. Qian Zhuo said suddenly, "Your Majesty, His Majesty is back."

Hearing this, Yun Shang quickly raised her hand to wipe her tears, and lay on the bed to calm herself down.

Footsteps came from outside, followed by Luo Qingyan's voice. "Maybe because she caught a cold on New Year's Eve, she had a fever yesterday. It was only brought down a little this morning. When I left earlier, I saw that she was still weak."

As soon as Luo Qingyan finished speaking, a gentle voice came in. "Although the Jin City is not as cold as the State of Ning, it's wet. Even if you put braziers in the room, you still feel a little cold. You should wear more wherever you are."

Yun Shang recognized that the voice was Liu Yinfeng's. When Luo Qingyan said he would bring Liu Yinfeng here, Yun Shang thought he just said it casually, but she didn't expect that he really brought him here.

The sound of bead curtains colliding came through. Yun Shang heard Qin Yi and Qian Zhuo greeting Luo Qingyan, "Your Majesty."

Luo Qingyan took off his cloak and handed it to Qin Yi. Then he asked softly, "How is Her Majesty? Is she feeling better?"

Qin Yi lowered her voice and said, "She just took a few steps, but she said she was still weak. After a few steps, she really couldn't walk anymore. So I helped her lie down."

Luo Qingyan frowned and walked to the bedside. Seeing that Yun Shang was awake and her face was still pale, he felt a pain in his heart and sat down on the bedside. He raised his hand to touch Yun Shang's forehead and whispered, "The fever has gone down. Do you still feel uncomfortable?"

Yun Shang's voice was still a little hoarse, so she answered in a low voice, "headache."

Luo Qingyan held Yun Shang's hand and sighed, "I'll ask the imperial physician to check on you later and prescribe some new medicine." Then Luo Qingyan smiled, "Look who is here!"

Liu Yinfeng, dressed in cyan, stepped forward. With a gentle smile, he cupped his hands in front of Yun Shang and said, "Your Majesty."

Yun Shang looked at Liu Yinfeng carefully and said with a forced smile, "Mr. Liu, you've lost some weight. You must have suffered a lot in Liu Cang City. Fortunately, you're back to the Jin City now. You must take good care of yourself."

The smile on Liu Yinfeng's face softened, "You could say I'm thinner because I've suffered a lot in Liu

an. "Your Majesty, is what Chen Miaosi said true?"

Luo Qingyan sat still, staring at Yun Shang, as if he was in a meditation. After a long time, he opened his mouth, and his voice was a little suppressed and hoarse. "You were sick last night, not because you had a cold on New Year's Eve, but because you knew this and you tortured yourself like this, didn't you?"

Yun Shang didn't expect that Luo Qingyan would suddenly ask about it. She only felt all the emotions finally broke out when Luo Qingyan suddenly asked. Tears suddenly poured out and could not stop.

Seeing this, Luo Qingyan stood up in a hurry, walked quickly to the bedside and held Yun Shang in his arms.

Yun Shang almost broke down in tears, trembling all over. Luo Qingyan's heart seemed to be strangled. His mind went blank, and he couldn't even say a word to comfort her.

He thought it was good for her to cry like this. Then she wouldn't be that depressed. And he felt a little relieved when the secret that he was hiding for so long had been exposed. He was also very stressed as he always feared that Yun Shang might found out some clues.

Yun Shang was too weak to cry. She had used up all her strength. After crying for a while, she could only sob. Luo Qingyan held Yun Shang tightly and patted her on the back. After a while, he said, "In my heart, you are always the most important one."

Yun Shang didn't respond. Luo Qingyan continued, "When I first knew that, I was thinking what would happen if you knew it? You lost a child in your previous life and kept blaming yourself for that. If you knew that Bao'er was mentally ill, you would be very sad and guilty. At that time, you were in the confinement of childbirth. The Madam said that women in the confinement of childbirth should never cry, or they would suffer from linger effect. So I just kept you in the dark."

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