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   Chapter 975 Overwhelming Feelings

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"Your Majesty, Mr. Liu is back. He is waiting for you in the Meeting Hall." Liu Wenan came in in a hurry. He glanced at Yun Shang and lowered his head.

Luo Qingyan didn't respond. Yun Shang turned to him and smiled, "Your Majesty, please go to deal with government affairs first. I'm fine."

Luo Qingyan stared at Yun Shang for a long time before he nodded and said gently, "You are still very weak. Don't stand for too long. If you are tired, you can lie in bed. I'm going to see how Liu Yinfeng is doing. If I have time, I'll take him to see you."

Yun Shang nodded slightly. Luo Qingyan reluctantly looked away and left the bedroom.

Standing by the window and watching Luo Qingyan walk out of Weiyang Palace, Yun Shang raised her hand and called softly, "Qian Zhuo, help me. I'm weak."

Hearing this, Qian Zhuo quickly walked to Yun Shang's side, reached out her hand to hold Yun Shang, and said in a distressed voice, "Your Highness, don't torture yourself like this. If there is something wrong with you, who can take care of the Prince? How can His Majesty do? The Prince is only four months old."

Qian Yin helped Yun Shang to sit on the edge of the bed, took off her shoes and helped her lie down on the bed. There were tears in Yun Shang's eyes, but they didn't fall.

"In fact, on the New Year's Eve, I vaguely guessed something. I was sad because His Majesty had been hiding it from me all the time. I always thought that a couple should be honest to each other, and even if it was a big problem, they should face it together. But he thought it was for my good and took it all by himself. He didn't know that it was not what I wanted at all." Yun Shang shook her head, with a touch of pain in her eyes. "But when I really know the truth, I can't tell him that I know it. I'm afraid that he will be more worried about me. He is too cold and reserved. He always hides everything in his heart. I'm afraid he will feel worse than anyone else."

"And I don't have the courage to face Bao'er. I can't even think about it. Bao'er is so cute and healthy. How could he be mentally damaged? If he grows up, he will blame me for not protecting him well. He is mentally damaged. I don't know how much he will suffer. Even at the thought of that, I feel that I want to kill myself."

Yun Shang's voice choked with sobs. Qian Zhuo hurriedly held her arm and comforted her, "As Your Majesty said, what makes you sad is His Majesty's concealment. And you know how painful it is to hide it. Why don't you choose to be honest with His Majesty? Then, you can face it together. After all, the Prince is a royal child. Even if he has some shortcomings, no one dares to disrespect him. Don't worry, Your Majesty. I promise. From now on, I will protect the Prince well. If anyone dares to disrespect the Prince, I will not let him go."

Yun Shang was trembling all over. Qian Zhuo didn't know what to do. She hurriedly added, "Your Maje

any things in the world that are not as expected. God always reminds us not to be complacent when you think that we are going to have a happy ending. But, Your Majesty, you always say that there is nothing in the world that can't be overcome. As long as we work together, no matter how painful and difficult it is, we can always overcome it. "

Yun Shang nodded with tears in her eyes, "Both in the State of Ning and in the State of Xia, there are countless people who want to kill me, and there are many people who play tricks on me, but I still live happily till now. It was just that this test was a little more difficult than before. What was the big deal? I, Ning Yun Shang, have nothing to fear."

As Yun Shang spoke, tears rustled down her cheeks. Seeing this, Qian Zhuo and Qin Yi couldn't help but cry with her.

After a while, the three of them calmed down a little. Qin Yi wiped the tears off Yun Shang's face and said, "Your Majesty, don't cry any more. When His Majesty comes back and sees it, he may be very distressed. Your Majesty, you have so many people who care about you. Even for them, you should take good care of yourself. Everything will be fine. "

Yun Shang nodded slightly and sobbed, "I know, but I'm really sorry for Bao'er."

Qin Yi held Yun Shang's hand tightly and said, "Doctor Xue Yan is not the only one with good medical skills in the world. Don't be discouraged, Your Majesty. There will be hope. Now the situation is the worst. Even if the Prince's mental injury can't be cured, we have to think about the good side. No matter what, the Prince is healthy and safe, which is more important than anything else."

Yun Shang nodded slightly and bit her lips. After a long time, she said in a low voice, "If both me and Bao'er can't be cured, I will personally select some concubines for the Emperor, and then..."

Yun Shang closed her eyes for a while, but she felt as if her heart was strangled by a sharp pain.

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